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Research Projects

Institute Project


Novel nucleo-diagnostic platform for detection of pathogens transmitted through bovine semen

Project Investigator: Dr. Sukdeb Nandi


Epidemiological studies & clinical profiling of theileriosis in relation to various risk factors in cattle

Project Investigator:

Out Funded Research Project


Establishment of reverse genetics system for rescue of bluetongue virus of Indian origin

Project Investigator: Dr. Gaurav Kumar Sharma
Funding Agency: DST


Development and evaluation of medicinal plant based remedy for improving sexual behaviour and fertility in chemically-induced reproductive toxicity in male rats

Project Investigator: Dr. A G TELANG
Funding Agency: DHR – MHFW (Women Scientist Scheme)


AICRP on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance

Project Investigator: Dr. Sukdeb Nandi
Funding Agency: ICAR


Development of diagnostic systems, reference collections and molecular epidemiology studies for important arboviral pathogens for livestock in India

Project Investigator: Dr. K P Singh
Funding Agency: DBT - BBSRC


AINP on Bluetongue

Project Investigator: Dr. V. K. Gupta
Funding Agency: ICAR

Service Project

S.No. Project/Sub Project Title Name of PC/PI/Co-PI
1. Diagnosis and research on animal diseases R. Somvanshi
2. Investigation and diagnosis of viral diseases of livestock S. Nandi, Vishal Chander
3. Investigation, identification and characterization of bacterial agents from clinical/morbid materials of animals. Rajesh Rathore, Chandan Prakash,B.R. Singh
4. Investigation and control of parasitic diseases of livestock. Dinesh Chandra
5. Pathomorphological diagnosis of animal diseases. K.P. Singh, R. Somvanshi
6. Field investigation and diagnosis of toxicoses in animals A.G. Telang
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