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Research Projects

Institute Project


Pathological and immunological response in bovine abortion

Project Investigator: Dr. K P Singh


Standardization of multiplex LAMP test for differential diagnosis of Brucella meletensis and Salmonella spp

Project Investigator: Dr. Rajesh Rathore


Evaluation of immunotoxic and genotoxic potential of Fipronil and its amelioration by Vitamin-E

Project Investigator: Dr. A G TELANG

Out Funded Research Project


Development of diagnostic systems, reference collectons and molecular epidemiologystudies for important arboviralpathogens for livestock in India (DBT-BBSRC)

Project Investigator: Dr. K P Singh
Funding Agency: DBT-BBSRC


AINP on Bluetongue

Project Investigator:
Funding Agency: ICAR

Service Project

S.No. Project/Sub Project Title Name of PC/PI/Co-PI
1. Diagnosis and research on animal diseases R. Somvanshi
2. Investigation and diagnosis of viral diseases of livestock S. Nandi, Vishal Chander
3. Investigation, identification and characterization of bacterial agents from clinical/morbid materials of animals. Rajesh Rathore, Chandan Prakash,B.R. Singh
4. Investigation and control of parasitic diseases of livestock. Dinesh Chandra
5. Pathomorphological diagnosis of animal diseases. K.P. Singh, R. Somvanshi
6. Field investigation and diagnosis of toxicoses in animals A.G. Telang