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Scientist Profile

Dr. Vishal Chander
MVSc (Veterinary Immunology)
Joint Directorate CADRAD,

Telephone: 0581-2302188
Mobile No.: 9761894011

Field of Specialization Veterinary Immunology/Virology, Animal Disease Diagnosis, Outbreak investigation and management, Virus Isolation, Cell culture, Molecular Biology based Diagnosis Total Research Papers 17
No. Patents Granted / Filed Total No. of Book / Manual 4 (books/ book chapters/ monographs/ manual published)
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 0 No. of PhD Student Guided 0
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 0 Present Numberof PhD Student 0

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Chander V, Chakravarti S, Gupta V, Nandi S, Singh M, Badasara SK, Sharma C, Mittal M, Dandapat S, Gupta VK (2016). Multiplex Amplification Refractory Mutation System PCR (ARMS-PCR) provides sequencing independent typing of canine parvovirus. Infection Genetics and Evolution. 46:59-64. doi: 10.1016/j.meegid.2016.10.024.
  • Gupta V, Chakravarti S, Chander V, Majumder S, Bhat SA, Gupta VK, Nandi S (2017). Polymerase spiral reaction (PSR):novel, visual isothermal amplification method for detection of canine parvovirus 2 genomic DNA. Archives of Virology. doi: 10.1007/s00705-017-3321-5.
  • Verma S, Singh M, Chander V, Glora P, Chakrovarty S, Thomas J, Goswami TK and Kumawat S (2016). Isolation of Canine Parvovirus-2 in A-72 Cell Line. Journal of Immunology and Immunopatholology. 18(2): 122-126.
  • Chander, V., Nandi, S and Verma R (2013). Detection of infectious canine hepatitis virus in vaccines by PCR. Advances in. Animal and. Veterinary. Science, 1 (6): 191 – 193.
  • Ravishankar, Chintu., Nandi, Sukdeb., Chander, Vishal and Mohapatra, Tapas Kumar (2013). Concurrent testing of breeding bulls for bovine herpesvirus 1 infection (BHV-1) in India. Veterinaria Italiana, 49(2), 145-150. doi: 10.12834/VetIt.2013.492.145.150
  • Ingale A.M., Singh, K.P., Singh B.R., Chander V., Mehrotra S.K., Verma A., Harish C and Singh R (2013). Pathological and microbiological studies of abortions in cattle and buffalo. Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology 37(2): 113-117.
  • Chander, Vishal., Singh, R.P. and Verma, P.C. (2012). Development of monoclonal antibodies suitable for rabies virus antibody and antigen detection. Indian Journal of Virology 23(3): 317-325. DOI 10.1007/s13337-012-0096-x.
  • Bhat, Abid Ali., Wadhwa, Des Raj., Imran, Sheikh and Chander, Vishal (2012). Plasma concentration of creatine kinase-MB isoenzyme in dogs with intestinal form of canine parvovirus-2 infection. Comparative Clinical Pathology 21(6) DOI 10.1007/s00580-012-1667-3
  • Ravishankar, Chintu., Nandi, S., Chander, V and Mohapatra T. K. (2012). Glycoprotein C Gene Based Molecular of a Bovine Herpesvirus -1 Isolate from Uttar Pradesh, India. Indian Journal of Virology, 23(3): 402-406. DOI 10.1007/s13337-012-0116-x
  • Nandi, S., Kumar, M., Yadav, V. and Chander, V. (2011). Serological Evidences of Bovine Herpesvirus-1 Infection in Bovines of Organized Farms in India. Transboundary and Emerging diseases, 58 (2): 105-109.


  • IVRI Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) 2005-07 for M.V.Sc. in Veterinary Immunology.
  • Joint CSIR-UGC Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Eligibility for Lectureship-National Eligibility Test (NET) qualified in subject Life Sciences-2007
  • All India Competitive Examination for ICAR Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) qualified in Veterinary Microbiology 2007-08
  • State Eligibility Test (SET) for Lectureship (Himachal
  • Pradesh) qualified in subject Life Sciences-2008
  • Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ICAR, New Delhi) National eligibility test (NET) for Lectureship/Assistant
  • Professorship qualified in major discipline Veterinary Microbiology -2008

Ongoing Projects

  • Novel nucleo-diagnostic platform for detection of pathogens transmitted through bovine semen
  • AINP on Bluetongue
  • Pathology of respiratory disease complex in ruminants
  • Investigation and diagnosis of viral diseases of livestock
  • Development of recombinant antigen based rapid diagnostic assay for canine parvo virus infection
  • Evaluation of immunotoxic and genotoxic potential of Fipronil and its amelioration by Vitamin-E
  • Pathological and immunological response in bovine abortion