Pharmacology & Toxicology Division


Chemotherapy Laboratory

Main emphasis of the research work in this laboratory has been to screen herbal extracts for their anthelmintic, antibacterial, antidiarrhoeal and wound healing activities. Currently, work is being carried out on synthetic and natural products for their cutaneous wound healing effects. Three patent applications have been filed jointly from this and Indigenous drugs laboratory. In addition, research work is also being carried out to create basic knowledge on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of reproductive abnormalities particularly uterine dysfunctions and to explore suitable therapeutic and preventive measures utilizing the knowledge thereof.

Indigenous Drugs Laboratory

This laboratory has been the main laboratory since beginning of pharmacology in the Institute. Different extracts of several medicinal plants have been prepared and screened for various activities and many bioactive phytoconstituents have been isolated in the early years. The patents filed (three) and formulation prepared (many) have crucial role of this laboratory. Preparation of different types of plant extracts and separation essential oils is continuous activity. Currently, some herbal products are being screened for their wound healing potential.

Biopharmaceutics Laboratory

Pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutics and screening indigenous agents for central nervous system effects have been major activities of this laboratory. Several plant extracts have been screened for their analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activities. Presently, screening of novel compounds and cellular targets for therapeutic interventions in chronic kidney disease and other related inflammatory conditions using experimental animal models are the main research areas in this laboratory.

Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory

The main objective of this laboratory has been to create/develop, standardize and use new models as aid to pharmacology and toxicology experimentation. Laboratory has developed and used several models for cardiovascular, genitourinary and respiratory systems pharmacology. Currently, main thrust of the laboratory is investigations on various therapeutic agents in cardiomyopathy, cardiac fibrosis and lung injury in sepsis and their repurposing.

Toxicology Laboratory

Safety evaluation of xenobiotics and to suggest suitable measures to combat the toxicity and to develop therapeutic agents for various types of poisons is the aim of toxicology laboratory. The main activity, currently, is to investigate the potential toxic effects of various toxicants viz. arsenic, lantana, etc. on different biological systems such as cardiovascular and hepatobiliary system.

Food Safety Laboratory

The main activity of this laboratory is to screen the buffalo meat samples for drug residues especially the antimicrobial and anthelmintic drugs.

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