Pharmacology & Toxicology Division

Major Achievements

  • Process patent for herbal formulation against mange in animals (granted)
  • Process patent of indigenous herbal formulation for diarrhea in animals (with NBA)
  • Herbal formulation for the treatment of haemonchosis in sheep (with IPO)
  • Products such as Mangol, Mange cure, Ringworm cure Burn cure Diarrhea cure anti-haemonchosis formulation for sheep have been developed.
  • P1-purinoceptors were identified in pre- and post-ganglionic cholinergic nerve fibers in chick oesophagus.
  • Pre-treatment of Dalbergia sissoo leaf extract improved the myocardial injury in rats.
  • Alcoholic extract of Entada pursaetha was found to have protective effect on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in mice and analgesic activity in monosodium iodoacetate (MIA)-induced osteoarthritis in rats.
  • Arsenic was found to aggravate the pathogenesis of painful inflammatory conditions and reduce the therapeutic efficacy of ketoprofen in chronically arsenic-exposed subjects.
  • Diltiazem HCl, a calcium channel blocker showed protective effect to rats from cadmium induced toxicity.
  • Toxicodynamic interactions of arsenic with anilofos, malathion, chlorpyriphos, endosulfan or ochratoxin was determined.
  • Atorvastatin and Candesartan ameliorated arsenic-induced cardiovascular
  • Betulinic acid, a triterpenoid prevents acute lung and kidney injury reflecting its potential to have protective role in polymicrobial sepsis in mice

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