Animal Nutrition Division


Division has well equipped laboratories of Clinical and Pet Nutrition, Protein Nutrition, Energy Nutrition, Mineral and Vitamin Nutrition, Unconventional Feeds, Rumen Microbiology and Feed and Fodder Technology. Animal Nutrition Research Sheds provide excellent facilities for conducting feeding experiments and digestibility and metabolism trials on small and large ruminants, laboratory animals as well as pets.

Important facilities available in the Division

  • Animal house for large and small ruminants and laboratory animals for nutrition experiments
  • Kennels holding Labrador and mixed breed dogs
  • Respiration calorimeter for large and small ruminants
  • Ballistic bomb calorimeter
  • Infrared methane analyzer
  • Combined methane, oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer
  • Animal feed block making facility
  • In vitro gas production experimentation facility
  • Smart classrooms for PG education
  • Seminar room with audio-visual aids

Important Instruments

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  • Gas liquid chromatography
  • Anaerobic work station
  • Fully automatic solvent extraction and nitrogen analyser systems
  • ELISA plate reader
  • Automatic blood chemistry analyzer
  • Molecular biology instruments: Gel documentation system complete with electrophoresis, nano-drop, RT PCR machine, etc.
Real Time PCR facility for gut microbiology and molecular studies
Nano-drop analysis of nucleic acids
Metabolic cage facility for conducting nutrient metabolism trials in rats

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