Animal Nutrition Division

Major Achievements

  • Cold process technology for urea molasses mineral block (UMMB)
  • Developed Scarcity feed ‘UMLD’ as survival feed for livestock.
  • Developed compressed complete feed blocks (CCFB)
  • Developed Feed Block Making Machine.
  • Inoculation of buffalo rumen with superior fibre degrading microbes from the rumen of wild animals resulted in better feed utilization.
  • Higher compensatory growth can be achieved during recovery phase of buffaloes following fascioliosis on a standard protein ration.
  • Widespread contamination with organochloro pesticides residues along with heavy metals was observed in animal feeds and fodder of Indo-gangetic plains.
  • Homemade diets of pet dogs in northern and western India are highly imbalanced and inadequate to meet the requirements of energy, protein and minerals for optimum health.
  • Several plants showing antimehanogenic activity have been identified.
  • Role of functional foods in modulating nutrient utilization, gastro-intestinal parasitism, health effects of sub-clinical heavy metal exposure and other stressful conditions through improvement of antioxidant status has been established.
  • Suitable detoxification methods for castor bean meal, cotton seed cake and karanj cake, neem seed cake and jatropha oil cakes were developed.
  • Sugarcane bagasse, tops and pith based complete feeds were developed for cattle.
  • Strategic feeding of urea treated cereal straws with rice polish to dairy animals during late gestation and lactation resulted in higher birth weight and survivability of calves and milk production in buffaloes.
  • A mixture of three plants having antimethanogenic activity showed reduction in methane emission in crossbred calves.
  • Integration of strategic supplementation of N within the existing feeding systems significantly improved the growth rate in buffalo calves, heifers and milk production giving a higher (244%) marginal rate of return.
  • Urinary excretion of endogenous purine derivatives (PD) was standardized in crossbred cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats as an index of nutritional status of ruminants
  • Developed microbial feed additive for management of diarrhea in calves.
  • Process for the prepration of zinc methionine complex
  • Process for the preparation of jevsel-101-an organic selenium
  • Identified natural feed additives for eco-friendly livestock production through reducing enteric methane production .
  • Developed technology for the efficient utilization of tanniniferrous feeds by ruminants through rumen microbial manipulation.
  • Developed herbal feed additive to reduce methane production in buffaloes (Antimethane)
  • Identified an essential oil for inhibition of methane emission in buffaloes (Methane Suppressor)
  • Developed probiotic-polyphenol-prebiotic based products for gut health of pet dogs.
  • Developed autochthonous probiotics for dogs, pigs and ruminant calves for the gut health improvement.
  • Customized phytogenic feed additive for ruminants health and production.
  • Developed vegetarian dog food.
  • Developed mineral supplement for cattle and buffaloes reared under wheat-rice-sugarcane farming system.

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