Animal Nutrition Division

Research Projects

Institute Project

  • Effect of catalytic supplementation of promising unconventional oil cakes on the performance of calves.
    (Principal Investigator:DR. SUBODH KUMAR SAHA; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Aug-19)
  • Studies on the interaction of rumen microbes with sulphur and its manipulation for improving livestock production.
    (Principal Investigator:DR L.C. CHAUDHARY; Start Date:Aug-17; END DATE: Aug-19)
  • Development of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCDC 15 based probiotic for cattle calves.
    (Principal Investigator:DR. ANJU KALA; Start Date:Aug-18; END DATE: Mar-19)
  • Development of buffalo origin autochthonous probiotic and its effect on neonatal gut microbiota and performance of buffalo calves.
    (Principal Investigator:DR. ANJU KALA; Start Date:Jul-19; END DATE: Jun-20)
  • Exploratory studies targeting strategic integration of Moringa oleifera foliage in the ruminant feeding system.
    (Principal Investigator:DR. NARAYAN DUTTA; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Aug-21)
  • Studies on the utilization of fruit and vegetable waste as alternative feeds for livestock production
    (Principal Investigator:DR. SUBODH KUMAR SAHA; Start Date:Aug-19; END DATE: Jul-21)

Externally Funded Project

  • AICRP on Nutritional and physiological approaches for enhancing reproductive performance in cattle and buffalo
    (Principal Investigator:DR. NARAYAN DUTTA; Start Date:Apr-14; END DATE: Mar-25)
  • Veterinary type culture collection: Rumen microbes
    (Principal Investigator:DR L.C. CHAUDHARY; Start Date:Apr-10; END DATE: Mar-20)
  • Role of dietary trace minerals in animals under biotic and abiotic stress conditions
    (Principal Investigator:DR. SUNIL EKANATH JADHAV; Start Date:Aug-18; END DATE: Jul-21)
  • ILRI-ICAR Collaborative project on Methane emission and its mitigation
    (Principal Investigator:DR L.C. CHAUDHARY; Start Date:Jan-19; END DATE: Dec-22)

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