Centre for Animal Disease Research and Diagnosis

Major Achievements

  • CADRAD was established in IVRI in April, 1986.
  • CADRAD was given status of Central Disease Diagnostic Laboratory by DADF Govt of India in May, 2001.
  • CADRAD was conferred ISO 9001:2000 certification in March, 2005.
  • More than 80 training programs for field Veterinarians were organised.
  • Several Outbreaks were attended at 160 places of the country.
  • Developed RT-PCR for detection of Canine distemper virus and classical swine fever virus in clinical samples.
  • RT-PCR has been developed and standardized for amplification of group specific genes (VP-7) and (VP-2) of BT virus.
  • Blue tongue virus vaccines have been prepared by using serotypes 18 and 23 using different inactivants (hydroxylamine and BEI) and adjuvants (Al(OH)3 gel, saponin or both) and tested in sheep and found to be highly effective in eliciting the antibody response.
  • The BHK-21 derived pentavalent BT vaccines comprising of BTV 1, 2, 10, 16 and 23 have been developed and tested in sheep
  • Isolation of CPV: 15 isolates are available.
  • ARMS PCR developed for diagnosis and differentiation of Canine parvovirus antigenic types developed for CPV 2a, -2b and -2c.
  • Diagnosis of Canine Adenovirus 1 developed and standardized by PCR. Isolation of CAV 1: Two isolates are available.
  • ARMS PCR developed for diagnosis and differentiation of BHV 1.1 and BHV 1.2. PSR developed for diagnosis of CPV and BHV 1.
  • LAMP for differential diagnosis of Brucella melitensis and Salmonella sp in small ruminants
  • Ameliorative efficacy of Vit. E and C against fipronil-induced immunotoxicity and genotoxicity in mice model was established.
  • Protective role of Gallic acid against Cartap-induced reproductive toxicity in rat model was established.
  • ICAR and ICMR entrusted CADRAD with the responsibility of COVID-19 human sample testing and so far more that one lakh samples have been tested.

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