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Scientist Profile

Dr. Mrs. Rupasi Tiwari
M.Sc., Ph.D. (Extension Education),
Principal Scientist,
Extension Education Division,

Telephone: 0581-2303528
Mobile No.: 9411917058

Field of Specialization Social Research , Learning Theories, Extension teaching methods and AV Aids with special reference to ICT tools Total Research Papers 106
No. Patents Granted / Filed 4 Total No. of Book / Manual 43
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 9 No. of PhD Student Guided 4
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 2 Present Numberof PhD Student 4

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Tiwari, Rupasi , Sharma, M.C., and Singh, B.P. (2013) Awareness and impact of area specific mineral mixture technology in field situation. Indian Journal of Animal Science,83(4): 435-437
  • Tiwari, Rupasi , Sharma, M.C., Mishra, K.K., and Singh, B.P. (2013) Economic impacts of infectious diseases of livestock. Indian Journal of Animal Science, 83(3): 316-320
  • Tiwari, Rupasi ,Sharma, M.C. & Singh, B.P. (2010). Animal health information needs of livestock owners: A Kisan Call Centre analysis. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences. 80 (2):187-188
  • Tiwari, Rupasi , Phand Shahaji & Sharma, M.C. (2010). Status and scope of information and communication technology for livestock and poultry production in India- A review. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences. 80 (12):1235-42
  • Roy, Rakesh, Tiwari Rupasi and Dutt, T. (2015) Incidence of important goat diseases and economic lossess under field conditions. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences. 85(10):1084-1086
  • Phand, Shahaji,Tiwari, Rupasi ,and Sharma, M.C. (2013) An information technology enabled animal health information system (AHIS): Perceptions of dairy owners. Indian Journal of Animal Science, 83(1): 91-95
  • Tiwari, Rupasi , Sharma, M.C and Singh B.P. (2012) Adoption and effectiveness of Crystoscope technology among the end users, Indian Veterinary Journal,89 (10):82-84
  • Tiwari, Rupasi, Sharma, M.C. and Singh, B.P. (2011) Needs of training for veterinary officers in state department of animal husbandry, Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Vol 31, No. 2 : 93-95.
  • Tiwari, Rupasi , Kumar, Dileep, H.,Dutt Triveni., Singh, B.P., Pachaiyappan. K., Dhama. K., (2014) “ Future Challanges of Food Security and Sustainable Livestock Production in India in the Changing Climatic Scenario” published in Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances,9(7):367-384
  • Tiwari, Rupasi , Sharma, M.C and Singh B.P. (2009)Animal Feeding and management strategies in the commercial dairy farms. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences,79 (11): 1183-1184.

Technologies Developed

  • Interactive Information system for farmers in Hindi on “Pashudhan avum Kukkut rog Suchna pranali” (PAKRSP)
  • Interactive Information system for farmers, students and professionals in English on “Livestock and poultry disease information system” (LPDIS)
  • Interactive CD for farmers in Hindi based on the frequently asked queries with search engine entitled “ “Digital Pashuswasthya avum Pashupalan prashnottri”
  • Software (CD) for farmers in Marathi on “Health information system for dairy animals” commercialized to Nimitya enterprises , Pune, Maharashtra
  • Software CD on “Goat health management information system (Hindi, English and Bangla)” for farmers.


  • Swami Sahajanand Saraswati Outstanding Extension Scientist Award for the year 2010 from ICAR , New Delhi
  • nual magazine Ik'kq&fpfdRlk foKku published from ATIC during 2010 (As Chief Editor) from ICAR , New Delhi
  • Best Teacher Award for the year 2008-2009, during the VII Convocation at IVRI, Izatnagar
  • Bioved Best Product award for the ICT software for livestock disease management entitled “Pashudhan Avum Kukkut Rog Suchna Pranali” for the year 2015, conferred by the Bioved Research Institute Of Agriculture & Technology on the occasion of its “17th Indian Agricultural Scientists and Farmers’ Congress on “Agri-Innovation for Enhancing Production & Rural Employment during 2015
  • Best paper Award entitled “Ayurved Ek Sampuna Chikitsa.” From Raj Bhasha, IVRI, Izatnagar, 2010
  • Young Scientist award on the occasion of ISEE National Seminar 2009 held at IVRI, Izatnagar during 29-30 December, 2009
  • Award of Honour from Lucknow Canine Practitioner's Club, Lucknow and felicitated by Honorable his Excellency Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Shri B.L. Joshi for meritorious and excellent research contribution in the field of veterinary sciences on the occasion of the World Veterinary Day-2011 on 30th April, 2011
  • Imerti Devi Woman Scientist Award- 2011 from Society of Community Mobilization for Sustainable Development (Mobilization) for outstanding contribution towards sustainable rural development, during 5th National Seminar organized in collaboration with NDRI and BBNL held at NDRI, Karnal, India during 19-21 May, 2011
  • Best Paper presentation award for the oral presentation of the Paper entitled “Newer approaches for technology transfer in livestock sector with special reference to ICT tools presented in the ISEE National Seminar 2014 entitled “Extension Innovations and methodologies for market led agricultural extension, growth and development’ held at RSKVV, Gwalior during 26 to 28 Feb. 2015


  • Life membership of the ‘Society for Mobilization for Sustainable Development”, MOBILIZATION, Division of Agriculture Extension, IARI, New Delhi.
  • Life Membership of “ Indian society of Extension Education” Division of Agricultural Extension, IARI, New Delhi

Ongoing Projects

  • Development and assessment of educational mobile Apps for improving livestock health and production.
  • Development and application of electronic learning and diagnostic module for health management of dog
  • Dissemination and impact of educational information for improvement of calf management at field level
  • Livestock extension and human resource development programmes
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