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Form Products

Sl. No. Products
1. Honey
2. Bee wax
3. Bee Hive
4. Mashroom
i) Button
ii) Pleurotus
iii) Milky
5*. Broilers (live)
6*. Fish
i) Rohu and Katla
ii) Others
7*. Fruits
i) Lemon (Big)
ii) Lemon (Small)
iii) Guava
iv) Banana (ripe)
v) Banana (Green)
8. Seeding and Saplings
i) Lemon, Medicinal plants, Papaya, Heliconium
ii) Vegetable seedling
iii) Onion seedling
iv) Banana and Litchi saplings
v) Rudraksha saplings
vi) Rajnigandha bulb
vii) Marigold seedlings
viii) Aromatic grass and Napier Slips
9. Pickle
i) Lemon
ii) Garlic
iii) Mixed
10. Tomato and Chilly Sauces
11. Jam and Jelly
12. Squashes
13. Preserved pees
14. Turmeric seed
15. Turmeric powder
16. Soil sample testing
17*. Dried red chilly
18*. Vegetables (all)
19*. Onion
20*. Garlic

*Subject to change as per the season and availability.

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