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» Institute Technology Management Unit (I.T.M.U.)

Major Achievements


IVRI has filed 81 patents out of which 6 patents are granted


15 designs were filed and all 13 designs are registered with the patent office


5 copyrights filed and 4 are granted

Technology transferred

A total of 31 technologies are transferred to 87 industry partners/entrepreneurs

Category Name of technology Partners
Vaccines FMD Vaccine 3
PPR Vaccine 7
Goatpox vaccine 5
Sheep pox vaccine 2
 Swine fever vaccine 1
Diagnostics 3ABC Based Diagnostic Assay (ELISA) for FMD 1
3ABC Based Diagnostic Assay (lateral flow) for FMD 1
VP7 protein based indirect ELISAfor BTV  antibody detection kit 1
PPR Hybridoma Clone 4B11 1
Value added milk meat products Milk chips 2
Chicken Nuggets 1
Emulsion based Chicken 2
Hurdle technology based meat pickle 1
vegetable incorporated meat products 2
Chicken meat chips 2
Miscellaneous Crystoscope 5
Low cost technology for prevention and treatment of mastitis 2
Mineral Based–Technology for estrus induction and synchronization in bovines. 2
Agri-horti growth enhancer 4
Vermiculture 25
Fetal Extractor 1
Feed Block Making Machine 1
External Fracture Fixator (Circular) 1
External Fracture Fixator (Linier) 1
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