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Name of the equipment Agilent Microarray Hybridization Oven and scanner (SureScan) Hybridization Oven
Hybridization Oven
Key Features
  1. Processes Agilent’s full range of microarrays, regardless of format
  2. Rotator rack holds up to 24 Agilent hybridization chambers
  3. Variable temperature control ranges from ambient + 5° – 70°C
  4. Variable rotation speed control
SureScan Scanner
Key Features
  1. Dynamic autofocus
  2. Single and dual color scanning
  3. Automatic PMT gain calibration before each scan
  4. 2-, 3-, 5-, or 10-micron pixel size
  5. Dynamic range of >104 for a single scan in 16-bit scan mode, >105 for a single scan in 20-bit scan mode, and >106 for a dual scan in 16-bit scan mode (XDR)
  6. Uniformity specification of <5% CV (Coefficient of Variation)
  7. TIFF image file compression
  8. Flip and rotate images
  9. Internal and external barcode reading
SureScan Scanner
Contact Details Dr P P Goswami ,
Division of Veterinary Biotechnology
Indian Veterinary Research Institute,
Izatnagar – 243122, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh -243 122
Telephone: +91 581 2301584


Test Name ICAR Institute including NARS Institutions Other Govt. R & D Lab / Institutions Industries Remarks
Hybridization and Scanning Rs 20000/sample Rs 20000/sample Rs 25000/sample Cost doesn’t include slide cost