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This is the official website of ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute (ICAR-IVRI), designed, developed, maintained by ICAR-IVRI and hosted at NIC New Delhi.

The site has been developed to provide information to the general public. An attempt has been made through this site to provide reliable, comprehensive, accurate information about ICAR-IVRI and its various Campuses / Divisions / Sections. Hyperlinks at various places have been provided to other Indian Government Portals/Websites.

The content in this site is the result of a collaborative effort of various Campuses, Divisions and Sections of the institute. It is our endeavour to continue the enhancement and enrichment of this site in terms of content coverage, design and technology on a regular basis.

IVRI Websites is monitored periodically in accordance with the plan to address and fix the quality and compatibility issues. We monitor the performances, functionalities, broken links feedbacks etc. and take proper actions

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