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Rashtriya Krishi vikas Yojana- Remunerative Approaches For Agriculture and Allied Sector Rejuvenation(RKVY-RAFTAAR) is an initiative of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer's Welfare, Govt. Of India to give thrust to Agripreneurship and startups. In a broader way the scheme is implemented with the objectives of making farming a remunerative economic activity through strengthening the farmers efforts, risk mitigation and promoting innovation.

The ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute through its Agri Business Incubation(ABI) centre, which is one of the India's premier Animal Science based incubators for development of start-ups is implementing the two programmes "NAVODAYA-2020" (Animal Science entrepreneurship orientation programme)and "SAMRIDDHI-2020"(Animal Science based incubation programme)under RKVY-RAFTAAR Agri Business Incubation scheme.These animal science based incubation programmes are aimed at transforming ideas into businesses , promote innovation, develop entrepreneurship and provide funding oppurtunities. The programme will encourage participation from students, youth, smart farmers,women early start-ups or anyone interested to venture into animal science and allied sector.

IVRI through its strong infrastructural and technical competencies will support Agribusiness incubation by tapping innovative products, technologies,business process/models in the Animal science space and its allied sectors that could enhance productivity, improve agriculture efficiency, increase farmer incomes,rural economy and wealth.


Ideate- Innovate- Validate- Replicate

Transform your Idea into Prototype/Products

Navodaya-2020 is an Agripreneurship Orientation Program (AOP) of RKVY- RAFTAAR Agribusiness Incubation scheme aimed at providing mentorship and funding opportunity to Students, youth, Smart Farmers, Women or anyone interested to venture in Animal Science & allied areas for transforming their innovative ideas to prototype/Product.


A launch pad for animal science based start-ups

Opportunity to Scale up and Commercialize Your Products at MVP Stage

Samriddhi-2020 is an Incubation programme of RKVY- RAFTAAR Agribusiness Incubation scheme aimed at providing mentorship and funding opportunity to startups having innovative products/ services, business processes/ models at Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage in animal science and allied sector which are ready for upscaling for commercialization

IVRI Izatnagar