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IVRI Administration

  • Dr. Raj Kumar Singh, Director IVRI

    Dr. Raj Kumar Singh
    Telephone: 0581-2300096 (O)
    dirivri@ivri.res.in , director.ivri@icar.org.in , directorivri@gmail.com

  • Dr. B. P. Mishra, Joint Director (Research)

    Dr. B P Mishra
    Joint Director (Research)
    Telephone: 0581-2300361

  • Dr.V. K. Gupta, Joint Director (CADRAD)

    Dr. V. K. Gupta
    Joint Director (CADRAD)
    Telephone: 0581-2301757
    Fax: 0581-2302188
    Email: jdcadrad@ivri.res.in; gupta.drvivek@gmail.com

  • Dr A. K. Garg, Joint Director (Extensio Education)

    Dr. A.K. Garg
    Joint Director (Extension Education)
    Telephone: 0581-2310259

  • Dr. Aniket Sanyal,Joint Director

    Dr. Aniket Sanyal
    Joint Director, Bangalore Campus
    Telephone: 080-23412835

  • Dr. Triveni Dutt,Joint Director (Academic)

    Dr. Triveni Dutt
    Joint Director (Academics)
    Telephone: 0581-2302179

Admin Wing

  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar,Joint Director (Admin)

    Mr. Rakesh Kumar
    Joint Director Administration cum Registrar
    Telephone: 0581-2301462(O)

  • Mr. Debasis Moitra,Chief Administrative Officer

    Mr. Debasis Moitra
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Telephone: 0581-2310195(O)

  • Mr. Pankaj Kumar,Sr. Administrative Officer

    Mr. Pankaj Kumar
    Sr. Administrative Officer
    Telephone: 0581-2310261(O)

  • Mr. Firoz Khan,Sr. Administrative Officer

    Mr. Firoz Khan
    Sr. Administrative Officer
    Mob.: 9718278999/7897241111

  • Mr. Ashok Ghosh,Sr. Administrative Officer

    Mr. Ashok Ghosh
    Sr. Administrative Officer
    Mob.: 8439308889

Finance Wing

  • Shri Radheyshyam, Comptroller

    Shri Radheyshyam
    Mob.: 9811167336

  • Shri Ravindra Kumar, Finance & Account Officer

    Shri Ravindra Kumar
    Finance & Account Officer
    Mob.: 9837486854

  • Shri G.D. Amola,Finance & Account Officer

    Shri G.D. Amola
    Finance & Account Officer
    Mob.: 9453034994

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