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IVRI Alumini


  1. To act as liaison between the Alma Matter, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute and its Alumni, in order to maintain perpetual link and emotional attachment with Alma Mater, and to foster professional fraternity.
  2. To improve and safe guard the professional and personal interests and prestige.
  3. To prepare and keep in order, an authentic record of old students/scientists with their qualifications, careers and addresses and any other matter relating to them for the mutual knowledge, contact and inspiration of the Alumni.
  4. To guide needy members of the Association who are desirous for bettering their career and professional qualifications/training through coordinated efforts of the Association.
  5. To create public interest in science by organizing popular scientific talks and diffusing basic and applied scientific knowledge.
  6. To participate or undertake all or any such other activities as may be conducive to the furtherance of and relevant to the objective of alumni association.
  7. To publish News letter or other publication.
  8. To arrange time to time get together of Alumni.
  9. To participate with other Alumni Associations whenever necessary.
  10. To help Alumni in their employment and placement.

Office Bearer

  • President
    Dr. R.K. Singh

  • Vice-President
    Dr. Triveni Dutt

  • General Secretary
    Dr. Rishendra Verma
    ICAR-Emeritus Scientist
    Mycobacteria Lab

  • Members

  • Dr. M. Hoque ,
  • Dr. S.K. Mendiratta
  • Dr. S.K. Saha
  • Dr. Gyanendra Singh
  • Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (CARI),
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