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Institute Scholarship will be offered to assist the students who need financial assistance. This provision will be utilized to assist as many students as possible who have good academic record and who are making diligent efforts to pursue higher education. No student/ scholarship holder shall apply for or accept any other scholarship/ award/ employment without prior approval of the Joint Director (Acad.). The details of the various scholarships available are indicated below:

Institute Scholarship

The Indian Veterinary Research Institute will award scholarship to MVSc and PhD students on the following terms and conditions:

IVRI Scholarship is admissible to only those candidates who are admitted through competitive entrance examination for MVSc/PhD degree programmes. The award to the fresh students shall be made by the Joint Director (Acad.) of the Institute on the recommendation of the ‘Standing Committee on Scholarship, Financial Assistance and Academic Progress’ which shall take into consideration the merit of each applicant based initially on his/her admission and subsequently on his/her performance at the Institute.

Duration of Scholarship

The duration of scholarship for MVSc course will be of two years and Scholarship for PhD course will be of three years.

Initially the scholarship will be sanctioned for one year. It is essential to maintain an CGPA of 7.00 out of 10.00 at the end of each semester for Master’s or Doctoral Degree students for getting the Scholarship. No Scholarship will be paid for the period, if it is discontinued on account of a CGPA lower than 7.00 out of 10.00. However, after obtaining the required CGPA, the scholarship will be resumed to the students. If a student gets “F” grade in any course other than in English or audit course, he/she will not get fellowship/scholarship until he/she clears the said course(s). However, no arrears of fellowship/scholarship will be paid for the intervening period.

The scholarship shall be paid for the period of stay of the recipient in the Institute (inclusive of the summer vacation/the semester breaks/and such other leaves, as may be sanctioned under the rules) up to the date of final viva-voce (i.e. till they are on the rolls) subject to the condition that the maximum period of scholarship prescribed in the Academic Regulation shall in no case be extended and the student marks his/her attendance in the Division/Section concerned.

Amount of scholarship

The amount of the scholarship for Master’s Degree programme is Rs. 7,560/- per month for 2 years with a contingent grant of Rs. 6,000/- per annum for two years and for Doctoral programme, it is Rs. 13125/- per month for three years with a contingent grant of Rs. 10000/- per annum for three years.

Conditions of Award

The scholarship will be admissible to persons of Indian Nationality, as defined in the Constitution of India or persons domiciled in India, irrespective of sex, race or religion.

The scholar will be under the administrative control of the Joint Director (Acad.). He/she will work under a recognized Guide of the Faculty of the concerned discipline.

Each student will have to execute a surety bond for Rs. 30,000/- and Rs. 50,000/- for MVSc and PhD students, respectively on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/- in the prescribed form attached as enclosed in the Information Bulletin duly attested/notarized by the Notary Public to be submitted on the day of admission/registration positively, failing which his/her admission will not be accepted. The following person can stand surety for the students:

  1. Parent/Guardian of the student;
  2. Guide/Teachers of the student
  3. Sarpanch of the village panchayat to which the student belongs
  4. MLA
  5. Local guardian of the student, if any
  6. Any other Central Government or State Government or Central Autonomous Bodies or Equivalent status or comparable higher status employees.

The scholarship will take effect from the date the scholar joins the course or from the date of start of academic year, whichever is later.

A scholar will devote his/her whole time to the approved study and will not be allowed to accept or hold another appointment paid or otherwise.

The Institute will not provide to the scholar benefits of Provident Fund. Scholarship will not be given to anyone who is drawing his/her pay on study leave or shall not be adjusted with his/her pay for any other benefits.

A scholar shall not leave the course before its completion without prior approval of the Joint Director (Acad.). He/She will be required to give an undertaking in the prescribed format before the scholarship is awarded.

Surety Bond

All students shall submit a surety bond, duly signed by the Notary at the time of Registration/Admission as per Annexure-II or III as the case may be, failing which his/her registration/admission will not be accepted. Proforma of surety bond is at Annexure II & III of the Information Bulletin.

Termination of Scholarship

The Scholarship will be terminated:

  1. On the date the student ceases to be on the rolls of IVRI.
  2. On the date the student completes his/her study which may include submission of thesis and viva-voce examination.
  3. On the date the sanction of scholarship expires.
  4. If at any time, in the opinion of the Joint Director (Academic), a Student is found to be negligent in his/her work or is guility of unbecoming conduct, the scholarship will terminate without notice.
  5. If a student completes his/her study before the expiry of sanctioned term of his/her scholarship, the Major Advisor should immediately inform the Joint Director (Academic) for necessary action.
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