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Regional Campus, Bangalore
Infrastructure of
Regional Campus,Bangalore

Contemporary facilities are available for undertaking the FMD vaccine production in large scale including fermenters etc. and containment animal testing facility.

For the research essential modern infrastructure and equipment’s available

  1. Flow Cytometry
  2. Real-time PCR System
  3. Nano Drop Spectrophotometer
  4. UV Visible Light Spectrophotometer
  5. Fluorescent microscope
  6. Ultra centrifuge
  7. Biosafety cabinets
  8. Multimode multi-plate reader
  9. Gradient Thermal cycler
  10. Gel documentation system
  11. ELISA reader
  12. Orbital shaker
  13. Microcentrifuge
  14. Freeze dryer
  15. Ultralow deep freezer
  16. Walk in incubatorv
  17. Walk in cold room
  18. Electronic balance
  19. Inverted microscopev
  20. Gel electrophoresis apparatus
  21. Western blot apparatus
  22. Sonicator
  23. Water purification system
  24. CO2 incubator
  25. Circulating water bath
  26. Roller bottle apparatus

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