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Salient Achievements

  • FMD Vaccine Production and Quality Control
  • Salient Achievements
    Salient Achievements

    The Bangalore Campus when established was the first place in the country, for the large scale production of FMD vaccine using the suspension culture technology using the fermentors. From the inception in 1972 the campus is engaged in FMD vaccine production and all related activities to improve the process and production and sales to different state govts. Some of the improvements made in the production process include the reduction in the volume of vaccine per dose, indigenous production of aluminium hydroxide gel required for vaccine production, duration of immunity studies under the field conditions and further improvements to production process as per the contemporary developments taking place. At present we produce oil adjuvanted vaccine as per the latest available technology.

    • A changeover from conventional gel- adjuvanted FMD vaccine to contemporary oil-adjuvanted vaccine using Montanide ISA 206 (Seppic) vaccine was implemented successfully.
    • A significant improvement in aesthetics of packing and labeling of vaccine and maintenance of cold-chain during transport of vaccine was established
    • 31 million doses of trivalent FMD vaccine was produced during 2001-02 to 2008 -09.
    • A total revenue of more than Rs.26 Crores was generated through sale of FMD vaccine during 2001-09.
    • The containment animal testing facility at Yelahanka is created.

  • FMD Vaccine research including New Generation Vaccines:
  • Keeping abreast with the contemporary developments taking place research work on the newer approaches for development and validation of new generation vaccines were initiated at this campus from the early 1990s and continuing in a limited way.

    • Vectors for self-replicating gene vaccine were developed.
    • Full-length cDNA for serotype Asia 1 was constructed.
    • Functionally active RNA dependant RNA polymerase of FMD was cloned and expressed in Bacteria and Yeast.
    • Work on the production of a DNA vaccine using FMDV P1-2A3CD gene construct and use of Calcium Phosphate nanoparticles as an adjuvant/gene delivery system has been initiated.

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