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Major Activities

Major Activities
Major Activities.
Regional Campus, Bangalore

The Bangalore Campus of Indian Veterinary Research Institute was established in the year 1972 to for production of FMD vaccine in large scale in fermenters using suspension cell cultures and all related research in FMD vaccine production. This is the first FMD vaccine plant in the country set up under the DANIDA programme. The initial work on pilot scale production in suspension cultures was taken up and the process optimization etc took place till 1978. During this same time the construction of the vaccine production building with containment facility, installation and commissioning of all the fermenters and other equipments was completed and from 1978 the full scale work of vaccine production started. The vaccine production on pilot scale and its field studies were carried out till the year 1978 after which with the availability of production facility with containment facilities and fermenters etc the full-scale activity started. During the last 35 years besides the vaccine production work several areas of FMD vaccine related research has been done at this campus including quality control, new generation vaccines, etc. The campus is having two locations: 1.Hebbal where the main production and research activity is located and 2. Yelahanka where the animal testing facilities including containment sheds are located.

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