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Institute Project


Quality Control and Quality Assurance of commercial FMD Vaccine

Project Investigator: Dr. V Bhanuprakash


Assessment of relationship between serum neutralization test and liquid phase blocking ELISA antibody titre in immune response to foot and mouth disease virus

Project Investigator: Dr. R P Tamil Selvan


Early intervention of foot and mouth disease virus infection: Identification of serum miRNA biomarkers and development of therapeutic micro-RNA in cattle

Project Investigator: Dr. Suresh H. Basagoudanavar.


Evaluation of baculovirus expressed virus like particles (VLPs) as subunit vaccine against foot and mouth disease

Project Investigator: Dr. P Saravanan


Development and evaluation of siRNA therapeutics to control early infection in foot and mouth disease.

Project Investigator: Dr.(Mrs.) Dechamma J H


Development and evaluation of IFN α and λ based therapeutics to control FMD at the early stage of infection

Project Investigator: Dr. G. Ramalinga Reddy

Out Funded Project


Vaccines and Diagnostics

Project Investigator:
Funding Agency:


Attenuation of FMDV serotypes/strains to develop stable and effective live attenuated vaccine (BBSRC)

Project Investigator: Dr. G. Ramalinga Reddy
Funding Agency: DBT-BBSRC


Antigenic and genetic characterization of Foot and Mouth disease viruses in India: Application to effective molecular vaccines (USDA, USA)

Project Investigator: Dr. B P Sreenivasa
Funding Agency: USDA, USA

ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute

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