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» Eastern Regional Station Kolkata

Scientist Profile

Principal Scientist,
IVRI Kolkata,

Mobile No.: 09433443194

Field of Specialization Stress Physiology, Stem Cell Research Total Research Papers 77
No. Patents Granted / Filed 2 Patents Filed Total No. of Book / Manual 7
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 5 No. of PhD Student Guided 2
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 1 Present Numberof PhD Student 0

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Ali I, Chouhan VS, Dangi SS, Gupta M, Tandiya U, Hyder I, Yadav VP, Panda RP, Babitha V, Nagar V, Sonwane A, Khan FA, Das BC, Singh G, Bag S and Sarkar M. 2013. Expression and localization of locally produced growth factors regulating lymphangiogenesis during different stages of the estrous cycle in corpus luteum of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Theriogenology xxx (2013) 1-9 (in press).
  • Bharadwaj P, Kumar K, Singh R, Puri G, Yasotha T, Kumar M, Bhure S, Das B, Sarkar M and Bag S. 2013. Reprogramming of fetal cells by avian EE for generation of pluripotent stem cell like cells in caprine. Research in Veterinary Science 95 (2):638-643.
  • Dangi SS, Gupta M, Maurya D, Yadav VP, Panda RP, Singh G, Mohan NH, Bhure SK, Das BC and Bag S. 2012. Expression profile of HSP genes during different seasons in goats (Capra hircus). Tropical Animal Health and Production 44 (8):1905-1912.
  • De AK, Garg S, Singhal DK, Malik H, Mukherjee A, Jena MK, Kumar S, Kaushik JK, Mohanty AK and Das BC. 2013. Derivation of goat embryonic stem cell-like cell lines from in vitro produced parthenogenetic blastocysts. Small Ruminant Research 113:145-153.
  • Kumar M, Yasotha T, Singh R, Singh R, Kumar K, Ranjan R, Meshram CD, Das B and Bag S. 2013. Generation of transgenic mesenchymal stem cells expressing green fluorescent protein as reporter gene using no viral vector in caprine. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 51:502-509.
  • Malik H, Singhal D, Mukherjee A, Bara N, Kumar S, Saugandhika S, Mohanty A, Kaushik J, Bag S and Das B. 2013. A single blastomere sexing of caprine embryos by simultaneous amplification of sex chromosomespecific sequence of SRY and amelogenin genes. Livestock Science 157 (1):351-357.
  • Manish K, Kuldeep K, Pranjali A, Puspendra Saswat M, Abhisek Kumar S, Ajay K, Subrata Kumar B, Dhruba M, Bikas C D and Sadhan B. 2013. Plasmid vector based generation of transgenic mesenchymal stem cells with stable expression of reporter gene in caprine. Stem Cell Discovery 3:226.
  • Puri G, Das B and Bag S. 2012a. Development of Buffalo embryonic stem cell clones in hanging drop using different culture medium. Veterinary Practitioner 13 (2):136-138.
  • Puri G, Kumar K, Singh R, Singh R, Yasotha T, Ranjan R, Kumar M, Das B, Singh G and Sarkar M. 2012b. Effects of Growth Factors on Establishment and Propagation of Embryonic Stem Cells from Very Early Stage IVF Embryos and Their Characterization in Buffalo. International Journal of Stem Cells 5 (2):96- 103.
  • Ranjan R, Singh R, Yasotha T, Kumar M, Puri G, Kumar K, Singh R, Bhure S, Malakar D and Bhanja S. 2013a. Effect of Actin Polymerization Inhibitor During Oocyte Maturation on Parthenogenetic Embryo Development and Ploidy in Capra hircus. Biochemical Genetics:1-10.

Technologies Developed

  • Extractegg…a novel alternative to fetal bovine bovine serum (FBS) in animal cell culture
  • Development of Beating Cardiomyocytes from caprine fetal stem cell


  • Dr R Krishnamurthy Memorial Medal year 2000
  • FSSc (Society of Science)


  • Society for Animal Physiologists of India
  • Animal Nutrition Society
  • Indian Science Congress

Ongoing Projects

  • Evaluation of physiogenomic responses to heat stress and development of potential marker(s) for assessment of stress in pigs
  • Expression profile of the genes associated with heat stress and immune competence in Black Bengal goat.
  • Evaluation of physiogenomic responses to heat stress and development of potential marker(s) for assessment of stress in pigs (DBT-Twinning programme for the NE)

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