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Scientist Profile

M.V.Sc., PhD.,, NAAS associate
Virology Division,

Mobile No.: 9410657548

Field of Specialization Veterinary Virology Total Research Papers 60
No. Patents Granted / Filed 4 Total No. of Book / Manual 1
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 0 No. of PhD Student Guided 0
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 2 Present Numberof PhD Student 0

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Venkatesan G, Balamurugan V and Bhanuprakash V (2014). Multiplex PCR for simultaneous detection and differentiation of sheeppox, goatpox and orf viruses from clinical samples of sheep and goats. Journal of Virological Methods, 195: 1-8
  • Venkatesan G, Balamurugan V and Bhanuprakash V (2014). TaqMan based real-time duplex PCR for simultaneous detection and quantitation of capripox and orf virus genomes in clinical samples. Journal of Virological Methods, 201, 44-50.
  • Venkatesan G, Bhanuprakash V, Balamurugan V, Prabhu M, Pandey AB (2012). TaqMan hydrolysis probe based real time PCR for detection and quantitation of camelpox virus in skin scabs. Journal of Virological Methods, 181(2):192-6
  • Venkatesan G, Bhanuprakash V, Balamurugan V, Singh RK, Pandey AB (2012). Development of loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for specific and rapid detection of camelpox virus in clinical samples. Journal of Virological Methods, 183(1):34-9.
  • Venkatesan, G., Balamurugan, V., Singh, R. K. and Bhanuprakash, V (2010). Goat pox virus isolated from an outbreak at Akola, Maharashtra (India) phylogenetically related to Chinese strain. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 42(6):1053-1056.
  • Venkatesan G, Bhanuprakash V, Balamurugan V, Bora DP, Prabhu M, Yogisharadhya R, Pandey AB (2012). Rapid detection and quantification of Orf virus from infected scab materials of sheep and goats. Acta Virologica, 56(1):81-3.
  • Venkatesan, G., Balamurugan, V., Prabhu, M., Yogisharadhya, R., Bora, D.P., Gandhale, P.N., Sankar, M.S.S., Kulkarni, A.M., Singh, R.K., Bhanuprakash, V (2010). Emerging and re-emerging zoonotic buffalopox infection: A severe outbreak in Kolhapur (Maharashtra), Veterinaria Italiana, 46 (4), 439-448.
  • Balamurugan, V., Venkatesan, G., Sen, A., Annamalai, L., Bhanuprakash, V., Singh, R.K (2011). Recombinant protein-based viral disease diagnostics in veterinary medicine. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics, 10 (6), 731-753. IF: 4.089
  • Bhanuprakash V, Hosamani M, Venkatesan G, Balamurugan V, Yogisharadhya R, Singh RK (2012).Animal poxvirus vaccines: a comprehensive review. Expert Review of Vaccines. 11(11):1355-74. IF: 4.219
  • Bhanuprakash, V., Venkatesan, G., Balamurugan, V., Hosamani, M., Yogisharadhya, R., Gandhale, P., Reddy, K.V., Damle, A. S., Kher, H. N., Chandel, B. S., Chauhan, H. C. and Singh, R. K. (2009). Zoonotic Infections of Buffalo pox in India. Zoonoses and Public Health, 57(7-8):e149-55.

Technologies Developed

  • Vero Cell attenuated live goat pox vaccine
  • A live Vero cell attenuated sheeppox vaccine for protection of sheep against sheeppox
  • Cell culture attenuated live orf vaccine for protection of goat/sheep against orf
  • Vero cell attenuated live buffalopox vaccine for protection of buffaloes against Buffalopox
  • Vero cell culture attenuated live camelpox vaccine for protection of camels against camelpox


  • ICAR-Jawaharlal Nehru award for best doctoral Research in Animal Sciences (2012-13)
  • NAAS Young scientist award in Animal Sciences category (2013-14)
  • NASI-SCOPUS Young scientist award in Agriculture by NASI and ELSEVIER, India (2015)
  • Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) Young scientist award in Animal and Veterinary science (2014-15)
  • Uttarakhand Council of Science &Technology (UCOST) Young Scientist award in Animal Sciences (2014)
  • Dr. CM Singh award for outstanding doctoral research for the year 2012 by Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI, Deemed University) awarded in VIII convocation of IVRI, Izatnagar.
  • NAAS associateship award (2015-16)


  • Life member of Tamil Nadu Veterinary Council (TNVC)
  • Life member of Veterinary Council of India (VCI)
  • Life member of the Indian Society for Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology (ISVIB)
  • Life member of TamilNadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (TNJVAS)
  • Life member of Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

Ongoing Projects

  • Diagnostic service and supply of soluble antigen and serum against capripox viruses: Production and supply of live attenuated goat pox vaccine
  • Isolation characterization of swinepox virus
  • Sero-surveillance, molecular characterization and epidemiology of pox viral infections in animals from North Eastern Region of India

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