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» Mukteswar Campus

Services Offered

    IVRI Mukteswar 10
  • Diagnostic and prophylactic services for PPR , sheep pox, goat pox, buffalo pox, camel pox and Orf
  • Diagnostic services for bluetongue and classical swine fever
  • Referral Services
  • Post- graduate education & training
  • Human Resource Development
  • Planning & Policies
  • Disease diagnosis and treatment of livestock diseases in and around Mukteswar
  • Consultancy to livestock owners on livestock rearing practices in temperate climatic conditions.
  • Extension activities of the campus includes:
    • Organization of animal health camps and kishan gosthies
    • Knowledge dissemination in farmers through radio talk
    • Linkage development with Non Government organizations working in this area for restoring animal health and production
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