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» Regional Station, Palampur

Infrastructure & Facilities

The Regional Station at Palampur, H.P. has well equipped laboratories and the auxiliary infrastructure includes

  • Central instrumentation Facility
  • Metabolic stall for cattle, sheep and goats
  • Unit for laboratory animals
  • Library
  • Computer centre: PCs with latest configurations, VSAT/ERNET facility with full electronic connectivity and online access of journals, plus other facilities (FAX, photocopier).

Central Instrumentation Facility

  • HPLC Unit – with computer and Millenium Software (WATERS – USA)
  • Kjeltech (Tecator, Sweden)
  • GLC system (Nucon, India)
  • Microtome
  • Fluorescent Microscope with photographic attachments (Carl Zeiss)
  • Unit for in vitro gas production (Hohenheim) studies
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Spectronic Genesis 5)
  • Freeze Drier (Edwards-Modulyo, UK)
  • Ultracentrifuge – OTD-65 (Sorvall, USA)
  • High Speed Centrifuge T-21 (Sorvall, USA)
  • Cryostat (IEC, USA)
  • Fibretec (Tecator, Sweden)
  • Ultrafreeze (Remi, India)
  • Orbital Shaker (Orbitek, Scigenics, India)
  • Grinding Mill (Tecator, Sweden)
  • Analytical Balance (Mettler, Ohaus, Swiss)
  • Elisa reader (SLT, Austria)
  • LCD projector (Mitsubushi, Japan)
  • Ultra Low Freezer (Remi)
  • Ultrasonic homogenizer (Labsonic, B. Braun Biotech International)
  • CO2 incubator (Dual Chamber, Model MCo175, Sanyo)
  • Laminar flow (Klenzaids)
  • PCR (Applied Biosystems, USA)
  • Gel Electrophoresis Unit (Bio-Rad, USA)
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