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» Regional Station, Palampur

Major Activities

  • Investigations into animal feeding problems, evaluation of local feed resources and development of feeding systems for improving livestock production.
  • Investigations into important toxic weeds and tree forages containing antinutritional factors for nature of toxins, mode of action and detoxification.
  • Investigations into livestock diseases in the region- etiopathology of EBH.
  • Monitoring and surveillance of important animal diseases.
  • Referral laboratory for animal disease diagnosis.
  • Feed evaluation and formulation.
  • Interlinkages with the user agencies and farmers in the region.
  • Consultancy to farmers including lab to land and literature in vernacular.
  • Collating of data, feed back, updating research needs in the region as a national perspective programme and coordination with the main campus for overall strategy for livestock research in the region vis-à-vis national perspective.
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