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Establishment of Stem cell laboratory was initiated at the Division of Veterinary Biotechnology with the inception of the project, “Regulation of fatty acid synthesis by RNA interference in Pig” funded by National Agricultural Science Fund (NASF), ICAR. The project supported renovation and generation of necessary infrastructure required for undertaking stem cell biology work. With this support, we have generated induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and isolated multiple mesenchymal stem cell (adult stem cell) lines from bone marrow of porcine origin.

The Stem Cell Lab focuses on understanding adipogenesis (fat synthesis) and osteogenesis (bone formation) in in vitro culture system. For the purpose we use number of molecular and cell biology techniques such as, cell culture, differentiation, gene expression using real-time PCR and Western Blotting, immunofluorescent staining of cells, genetic manipulation and so on. Using adult stem cells we demonstrated that overexpression of certain key fat regulator could potentially serve as disease model in culture. Currently we are working on establishing a mechanism putatively involved in cell proliferation and also deciphering the role of a potential transcription factor on bone formation.


Stem Cell Lab 3
Stem Cell Lab 4
  • Established Stem Cell Laboratory in the division
  • Established multiple Mesenchymal Stem Cell lines of porcine origin
  • Generated putative iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cells of porcine origin
  • Identified Mesenchymal Stem Cells as resource cells for screening of ELOVL6 and SCD1 genes
  • Identified effective sequence to down-regulate ELOVL6 and SCD1 genes by RNAi approach
  • Identified novel putative transcription factor involved in osteogenesis
  • Students thesis :MVSc- 2, PhD-1

Completed Research Projects

  1. Title:Regulation of fatty acid synthesis by RNA interference in Pig
    Funding Agency:National Agricultural Science Fund (NASF formerly, NFBSFARA)
    Duration:Jan 2011- Mar 2016
    Cooperating Centre: National Research Centre on Pig
    Total Funds Sanctioned (Rs. in lakhs): 256.41137, Received for IVRI: 144.62439
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