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» Bacteriology & Mycology Division

Scientist Profile

Dr. Rajneesh Rana
B.V.Sc& A.H. M.V.Sc, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist,
Bacteriology & Mycology,

Telephone: 0581-2301865
Mobile No.: 9412826658

Field of Specialization Veterinary Microbiology Total Research Papers 88
No. Patents Granted / Filed 0 Total No. of Book / Manual 2
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 6 No. of PhD Student Guided 5
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 1 Present Numberof PhD Student 0

Top 10 Research Papers

  • S. Behera, R. Rana*, P. K. Gupta, D. Kumar, Sonal, V. Rekha, T. R. Arun, D. Jena (2018). Development of real-time PCR assay for the detection of Mycoplasma bovis. Tropical Animal Health and Production.
  • Valsala R, Rana R*, Remesh AT, Thankappan S, Behera S (2017). Effect of mycoplasma bovis on production of pro-inflammatory cytokines by peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 5 (10): 400-404
  • Arun TR, Rana R*, Rekha V, Sabarinath T (2017). In silico identification of diagnostic candidates from predicted lipoproteome of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri. Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 5 (10): 419-424
  • Rekha VALSALA, Rajneesh RANA,*Arun Thachappully REMESH, Vijendra Pal SINGH (2017). Mycoplasma arginini: high frequency involvement in goat pneumonia. Turk J Vet Anim Sci 41: 393-399
  • Nehra K., Rana R, Viswas, K N, Arun, T R, Singh V P, Singh A P and Prabhu S N (2015). Isolation and molecular identification of Mycoplasma equigenitalium from equine genital tracts in northern India. Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research. 16 (2): 176-181
  • Valsala Rekha, Rajneesh Rana, Prasad Thomas, Konasagara Nagaleekar Viswas, Vijendra Pal Singh, Rajesh Kumar Agarwal, Thachappully Remesh Arun, Kumaragurubaran Karthik and Inbaraj Sophia (2015). Development of loop-mediated isothermal amplification test for the diagnosis of contagious agalactia in goats. Tropical Animal Health and Production 47:581-587. [DOI 10.1007/s11250-015-0767-x]
  • T R Arun, R Rana,P Singh, P Choudhuri, V P Singh, P Thomas, V Rekha, K Nehra, J Usharani and K Dhama (2014). Development of a gold Nanoparticle based Lateral Flow Assay for the rapid diagnosis of Contagious agalactia in goats. Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 9 (7): 405-413 [DOI: 10.3923/ ajava.2014.405.413]
  • Vijay Kumar, Rajneesh Rana, Somya Mehra and Pramod Kumar Rout. (2013). Isolation and characterization of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri from milk of natural goat mastitis cases. ISRN Veterinary Science; Vol. 2013, Article ID 593029. (HINDWANI Publishing Corporation).
  • Somya Mehra, Rajneesh Rana, Vijay Kumar and Ajoy Mondal. (2013). Evaluation of combined adjuvant vis-à-vis single adjuvant for development of caprine pleuropneumonia vaccine in goats using indigenous Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri isolate. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 83 (5): 473-476
  • Z.A. Kashoo, V.P. Singh, R. Rana, R. Singh, Subash Chandra and M. Shankar (2013). Cloning of p80 gene in Indian isolates of Mycoplasma agalactiae. The Indian Journal of Small Ruminants. 19 (2): 167-171


  • Life member of “Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologist, Immunologist and specialist in Infectious Diseases”, IVRI, Izatnagar
  • Life member of “Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Research”, IVRI, Izatnagar
  • Life member of “Indian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization”, CSWRI, Awikanagar
  • Life member of “Indian Association of Mycoplasmologist ”, AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Life member of “Indian Association of Animal Production”, New Delhi

Ongoing Projects

  • Development of molecular diagnostic for bovine mycoplasmas associated with Mastitis, Reproductive infections and Pneumonia
  • Diagnosis of bacterial and mycotic diseases of animals and birds and maintenance of bacterial and mycotic agents

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