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» Division of Epidemiology

Major Activities

  • To train and educate the manpower in epidemiology for efficient diagnosis, control and prevention of important live stock diseases.
  • To investigate the disease outbreaks to determine origin of disease in a population to advise control and prevention strategies.
  • To investigate and control a disease where etiology is obscure or little understood.
  • To determine ecology and natural history of a livestock and poultry disease.
  • Planning and monitoring of disease control programs.
  • Assessment of economic effects of a disease and cost/benefit of a disease control programs and Health management programs.
  • To conduct and monitor clinical trials.
  • To establish diagnostic efficacy for diagnostics and preventive efficiency of vaccines.
  • To generate, collect, compile and collate molecular epidemiological data on important existing and emerging livestock and, poultry health and production problems.
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