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Research Projects

Institute Project


Improvement of therapeutic response against canine parvovirus infection using immunoglobulin and antioxidants

Project Investigator: Dr. UJJWAL KUMAR DE


Diagnostic and therapeutic interventions on gastritis & peptic ulcer disease (GPUD) in canines

Project Investigator: Dr. SHIVENDRA KUMAR DIXIT


Characterization and evaluation of antioxidant property of catechin loaded polymeric nanoparticles to ameliorate hepatopathies

Project Investigator:

Out Funded Project


Strategically enhancing livelihood opportunities to the very small and marginal farmers though small animal husbandry, emphasizing latest animal health technological interventions in Shivalik range of Uttarakhand

Project Investigator: Dr. UMESH DIMRI
Funding Agency: DST


Outreach Programme on Ethno-veterinary Medicine

Project Investigator: Dr. SAHADEB DEY
Funding Agency: ICAR
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