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Lists of Students & Area of Research

S.No. Name of Student Title of ORW/Thesis
Ph.D. Student
1. Dr. P.S. Maurya Molecular diagnosis of Cryptosporidium parvum infection in calves
2. Dr. Mary Nisha Tigga Evalution of Echinococcus granulosus recombinant antigen 5 sub- unints and P-29 proteins for their diagnostic potential in buffaloes
3. Dr. Vijesh Kumar Saini Molecular detection of benzimidazole resistance associated single nucleotide polymorphisms in Haemonchus contortus from sheep and goats
4. Dr. Ajayta Rialch Evaluation of Echinococcus granulosus recombinant antigen B-8 subunits and EPC-1 for their diagnostic potential in domestic ruminants
5. Dr. Manjunathachar H.V. Functional Characterization of Ferritin-2 and Tropomyosin and their Immunoprotective efficacy in cattle
6. Dr. Reena K.K. Temporary dropping
7. Dr. Shafiya Imtiaz Rafiqi Immunoprophylactic evaluation of some potential vaccine candidate of Eimeria tenella
8. Dr. Arun A. RNA interference in Fasciola gigantica : silencing of some target genes for their functional characterization.
9. Dr. V.R. Kundave Molecular characterization of Theileria annulata and development of multiplex PCR for concurrent diagnosis of other tick borne infections of bovines
10. Dr. Abhijit Nandi Not yet decided
11. Dr. G.M. Chigure Not yet decided
12. Dr. K. Jeeva Not yet decided
13. Dr. Rama Devi Pampana Not yet decided
14. Dr. Vijajkumar Jawalagatti Not yet decided
15. Dr. Anil Kumar Not yet decided
M.V.Sc. Student
16. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Comparative evaluation of different diagnotic tests for detection of Babesia gibsoni infection in dogs.
17. Dr. Ashutosh Fular Characterization of multi-acaricide resistant Rhipicephalus (B). microplus
18. Dr. Aquil Mohamad Evaluation of rTASP based ELISA in comparison to molecular and conventional tests for detection of Theileria annulata infection in bovine.
19. Dr. Ishfaq Maqbool Evaluation of immune response in sheep immunised with immunodominant polypeptides of somatic antigen of Haemonchus contortus.
20. Dr. Bhawana Kushwaha Cell mediated immune response in sheep immunized with immune- dominant polypeptide of Haemonchus contortus.
21. Dr. Parth Sarathi B.C. Molecular characterization and expression binetic of 40 kDa excretory and secretory antigen of Haemonchus contortus
22. Dr. Rupesh Verma Epidemiology, molecular characterization and host response to eimerian infection in goats.
23. Dr. Kuldeep Saini Not yet decided
24. Dr. Vikas Dhayal Not yet decided
25. Dr. Vinay T.S. Not yet decided
26. Dr. Jathindas Raju Not yet decided
27. Dr. Sharath V. Sagar Not yet decided
28. Dr. Chandran V. Not yet decided
29. Dr. Nisha Bisht Not yet decided
30. Dr. Bhinsara Dharmesh Kumar Not yet decided