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» Divison of Pathology

Major Activities

  • Research on molecular pathology and pathogenesis of important infectious viral/bacterial diseases and neoplasm in livestock, poultry and wildlife species.
  • Diagnostic pathology (necropsy, histopathology, histochemical and immunohistochemical, clinical pathology, molecular tests) in livestock, poultry, pets and wildlife
  • Experimental histological slides evaluation and scoring of the institutional projects.
  • Teaching, training and research guidance to post graduate students, field vets and diploma students.
  • Maintenance of Registry of Veterinary Pathology for pathological specimens of different organ systems of livestock and poultry including neoplasms.
  • Providing consultancy to various stakeholders on health issues of livestock, poultry, pets and wildlife.


  • 1931:Section of Pathology, Serology & Bacteriology created at Mukteswar
  • 1939:Section of Pathology re-designated as Disease Investigation (DI) Section at Izatnagar
  • 1945:DI Section merged with the Section of Pathology and Bacteriology at Mukteswar
  • 1963:An independent Division of Pathology established at Izatnagar (6th Sept.)
  • 1974:Foundation of Indian Assoc. of Vet. Pathologists under Chairmanship of Dr. S. Damodaran
  • 1975:Division of Pathology relocated to MLB with separation of Poultry Pathology as Division of Avian Diseases
  • 1976:First publication of Indian J. Vet. Pathology by founder editor Prof. P. K. R. Iyer
  • 1977:International FAO/SIDA Seminar organized
  • 1983:Registry of Veterinary Pathology and Oncology created
  • 1986:QRT recommended the formation of CADRAD and the merger of DI Section
  • 2007:Division of Avian Diseases merged with Division of Pathology as a Section
  • 2008:Indian College of Vet. Pathologists established with its Headquarter at IVRI
  • 2012:National CSF Referral Laboratory established in the Division
  • 2013:Golden Jubilee Year of the Division of Pathology
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