Divison of Pathology

Research Projects

Institute Project


Studies on mortality pattern and causes of death among livestock, poultry and wildlife and maintenance of Veterinary Pathology museum (Service Project)

Project Investigator:


Flavivirus infections in pigs and bats with special reference to Japanese encephalitis

Project Investigator: Dr. G Saikumar


Evaluation of cell cycle regulation biomarkers in spontaneous canine tumours

Project Investigator:


Digitalization of museum specimens for development of e-learning tool in veterinary pathology

Project Investigator: Dr. M. Saminathan


Pathogenesis and diagnosis of maedi-visna and caprine arthritis encephalitis virus infection in small ruminants.

Project Investigator: Dr. Rajendra Singh


Pathomorphological and molecular diagnosis of important viral induced respiratory diseases in poultry

Project Investigator: Dr. Palanivelu M


Streptococcus suis infections in pig: prevalence, pathology and molecular diagnosis

Project Investigator: Dr. Monalisa Sahoo

Out Funded Project

Out Funded Project Not Found.