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Lists of Students

S.No. PhD Scholar Title of ORW/Thesis
1. Karikalan M. (2012) Occurrence, pathology and diagnosis of tuberculosis in captive sloth bear (Melursus ursinus)
2. Hingade Sonal Sham (2012) Pathology of experimentally induced mastitis in mice with special reference to fibrosis initiation and its reversal
3. Shyama N. Prabhu (2012)* Comparative study on very virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Virus indiced pathological changes and immunological host response in indigenous and commercial chicken
4. A. M. Sonphule (2012)* Not yet decided
5. Megha P. Kaore (2012)* Pathology and molecular epidemiology of important respiratory pathogens of poultry
6. Senthilkumar (2012) Pathobiology of PRRS virus infection in pigs with special reference to high mobility group box-1 protein
7. Sidharth Gautham (2013)* Not yet decided
8. Jeny K. John (2013) Studies on etiopathology of spontaneous cadiac lesions in pigs with special reference to picornavirus.
9. P.A. Desingu (2013) Experimental studies on pathogenesis of swine origin Japanese encephalitis virus in mice and development of nucleic acid based rapid diagnostic test.
10. M. Saminathan (2013) Molecular pathology of blue tongue serotype -1 virus in pregnant and non pregnant mouse model
11. Rahul G. Kadam (2013) Pathomorphological studies of diseases of wild felids with special reference to canine distemper.
12. P. L. Lalruatfela (2013) Not yet decided
13. Sreelekshmy M. (2014) Sudies on spontaneous canine mammary tumours and the evaluation of prognostic value of urokinase plasminogen activator system.
14. Poonam Soren (2014) Not yet decided
15. Menaka Sethi (2014) Not yet decided
16. Jainudeen Khorajiya (2014) Not yet decided
17. Bhupesh Kamdi (2014) Epidemiological studies and molecular characterization of important pathogens of calf pneumonia.
18. Pradeep M. (2014) Not yet decided
19. Beena V. (2015) Not yet decided
20. Rakesh Kumar (2015) Not yet decided
21. Shailesh K. Patel (2015) Not yet decided
22. Vineetha S. (2015) Not yet decided
23. V. R. Reddy Balena (2015) Not yet decided
24. Megha K. Pandey (2015) Not yet decided
25. Shailender Kumar (2015) Not yet decided
26. Madhulina Maiti (2015) Not yet decided

S.No. MVSc student Title of ORW/Thesis
1. Manjan Konyak (2014) Not yet decided
2. Zahoor Ahmad War (2014) Pathology of spontaneous cutaneous/visceral canine tumours and immunohistochemical evaluation of certain cell cycle regulators.
3. Swati Chaudhary (2014) Pathological and molecular studies on porcine sapelovirus in piglets
4. Shibani Panda (2014) Pathology of blue tongue virus serotype (BTV-1) with specila reference to brain in mouse model
5. S. Kombiah (2014) Pathobiology of reassortant highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus in Balb/c
6. Gayatri Kashyap (2014) Pathology of rotavirus infection in mice and etiopathology of calf diarrheas
7. Sarvesh Kumar Rai (2014) Pathology of chronic toxicity of lantadenes in G. pig
8. Rahul Singh (2014) Pathology of pneumonia in small ruminants with special reference to retroviral infections in spontaneous study
9. Sumit Sardana Not yet decided
10. Manish Kharwal Not yet decided
11. Karthika S. Not yet decided
12. Anu A. P. Not yet decided
13. Javeed Ahmad Dar Not yet decided
14. Manu K. Mathew Not yet decided
15. P. Boopathi Not yet decided
16. Aarti Marskole Not yet decided

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