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» Pharmacology & Toxicology Division

Scientist Profile

Pharmacology and Toxicology Division,

Telephone: 0581-2300291(O)
Mobile No.: 8958742886

Field of Specialization Neuropharmaocology, Indigenous drugs, wound healing, anthelmintics, etc. Total Research Papers 104
No. Patents Granted / Filed 3 (two as first inventor and one as co-inventor) Total No. of Book / Manual 2
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 11 No. of PhD Student Guided 6
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 3 Present Numberof PhD Student 2

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Kumar D, Mishra SK and Tripathi HC. (1991). Mechanism of anthelmintic action of benzylisothiocyanate. Fitoterapia. 28(5): 403-410.
  • Kumar D, Tripathi HC, Mishra SK, Tandan SK, Raviprakash V and Mishra SC. (1996). Role of central serotonergic system in immunomodulation in rats. Indian Journal of Pharmacology. 28(2): 102-106 (awarded JAIPUR-DUTTA PRIZE).
  • Kumar D, McGeown JG, Reynoso-Ducoing O, Ambrosio JR and Fairweather I. (2003). Observations on the musculature and isolated muscle fibres of liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica. Parasitology 127:457-473.
  • Kumar D, White C, Fairweather I and McGeown JG. (2004). Elecgtrophysiological and pharmacological characterization of K+-currents in muscle fibres isolated from the ventral sucker of Fasciola hepatica. Parasitology 129:779-793. (Highly appreciated by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal and the journal waved off the printing charges of colour plates in the article)
  • Leo MDM, Siddegowda YKB, Kumar D, Tandan SK, Sastry KVH, Raviprakash V and Mishra SK. (2008). Role of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide in Nω-Nitro-L-arginine methyl ester-resistant acetylcholineinduced relaxation in chicken carotid artery. European Journal of Pharmacology 596(1-3): 111-117.
  • Verma PK, Kumar D and Tandan SK. (2009). Functional role of cholinergic drugs on spontaneous muscular activity in the amphistome, Gastrothylax crumenifer from ruminants. Journal of Helminthology 83: 77–82.
  • Ahanger AA, Prawez S, Kumar D, Prasad R, Amarpal, Tandan SK and Kumar D. (2011). Wound healing activity of carbon monoxide liberated from CO-releasing molecule (CO-RM). Naunyn Schmiedeberg’s Archives of Pharmacology 384(1): 93-102.
  • Kant V, Gopal A, Pathak NN, Kumar P, Tandan SK and Kumar D. (2014). Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of curcumin accelerated the cutaneous wound healing in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. International Immunopharmacology 20(2): 322-330.
  • Gopal A, Kant V, Gopalakrishnan A, Tandan SK and Kumar D. (2015). Chitosan-based copper nanocomposite accelerates healing in excision wound model in rats. European Journal of Pharmacology 731: 8-19.
  • Ram M, Singh V, Kumawat S, Kant V, Tandan SK, Kumar D. (2016). Bilirubin modulated cytokines, growth factors and angiogenesis to improve cutaneous wound healing process in diabetic rats. International Immunopharmacology 30(1): 137-149.

Technologies Developed

  • Anti diarrhoeal formulation
  • Anti haemonchosis formulation


  • Vice-Chancellor’s Silver Medal during BVSc & AH Degree Programme
  • Merit Scholarship during BVSc & AH Degree Programme
  • IVRI Junior Research Fellowship during M.V.Sc.
  • IVRI Senior Research Fellowship during Ph.D.
  • Jaipur-Dutta Prize of Indian Pharmacological Society for best research paper published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology during 1996
  • Wellcome Trust Travelling Research Fellowship, U.K.
  • IVRI Merit Award, IVRI, Izatnagar
  • Best popular article published in Pashudhan Anusandhan during 2007 (Pashudhan Anusandhan, 2004-05)
  • IVRI Best Teacher Award
  • JV Anjaria Award of ISVPT (2011)


  • Life member of Indian Society of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.
  • Life member of Society of Toxicology, India.
  • Life member of Indian Society for Parasitology.
  • Member, Indian Society for Immunology & Immunopathology.

Ongoing Projects

  • Evaluation of synergistic efficacy of Curcumin with hemin, bilirubin and Deferoxamine in cutaneous wound healing by isobolographic studies in rats.
  • Evaluation of synergistic efficacy of curumin with hemin, bilirubin and deferoxamine in cutaneous wound healing by isobolographic studies in rats
  • Evaluation of reticular groove closure effects of some plant extracts on isolated reticular groove of adult goats

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