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» Pharmacology & Toxicology Division

Scientist Profile

Dr. Ashok K Tiwari
B.V.Sc. & AH M.V.Sc, Ph.D
Biological Standardisation Division,

Telephone: 0581-2301584
Mobile No.: 9457257425

Field of Specialization Molecular Virology Total Research Papers 90
No. Patents Granted / Filed One Total No. of Book / Manual 6
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 8 No. of PhD Student Guided 5
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student NA Present Numberof PhD Student 4

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Ravindra PV, Ashok K Tiwari, Barkha Ratta, Uttara Chaturvedi, Sudesh Kumar Palia, Prasant Kumar Subudhi, Rajiv Kumar, Bhaskar Sharma, Anant Rai and RS Chauhan (2008). Induction of apoptosis in Vero cells by Newcastle disease virus requires viral replication, de-novo protein synthesis and caspase activation. Virus Research, 133 (2), 285-290 NAAS=8.75
  • P V Ravindra, Ashok K. Tiwari, BarkhaRatta, Uttara Chaturvedi, Sudesh Kumar Palia and R.S. Chauhan (2009). Newcastle disease virus induced cytopathic effect in infected cells is caused by apoptosis. Virus Research, 141 (1): 13-20 NAAS=8.75
  • Ravindra PV, Ashok K. Tiwari, BarkhaRatta, Manish V. Bais, Uttara Chaturvedi, Sudesh Kumar Palia, Bhaskar Sharma and RS Chauhan (2009). Time course induction of Newcastle disease virus –induced apoptotic pathways. Virus Research, 144: 35-0-354. NAAS=8.75
  • Sachin Kumar, Yadvinder Singh, Shardul S. Salunkhe, Monika Koul, Ashok K. Tiwari, Praveen K. Gupta &Anant Rai (2009). Effective protection by high efficiency bicistronic DNA vaccine against infectious bursal disease virus expressing VP2 protein and chicken IL-2. Vaccine, 27: 864–869 NAAS=9.49
  • Pandey, Priyanka; Jadon, N.S; Chauhan, U.K; Tiwari, A.K. and Singh, Himanshu. 2011.Oncolytic effect of VP3 gene of chicken infectious anemia virus on canine mammary tumor cells. Indian Journal of Animal Science, 82 (4): 377-378 NAAS=6.13
  • Rajiv Kumar, Ashok K. Tiwari , Uttara Chaturvedi , G. Ravi Kumar , Aditya P. Sahoo , R. S. Rajmani , LovleenSaxena, ShikhaSaxena, Sangeeta Tiwari, Sudesh Kumar (2012). Velogenic Newcastle Disease Virus as an Oncolytic Virotherapeutics: In Vitro Characterization.Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology, 167:2005-2022 NAAS=7.89
  • LovleenSaxena, G. Ravi Kumar, ShikhaSaxena, Uttara Chaturvedi,Lakshya Veer Singh, Aditya Prasad Sahoo, LakshmanSantra, S.K. Palia, G.S. Desai and A. K.Tiwari (2013). Apoptosis induced by NS1 gene of Canine Parvo virus – 2 is caspase dependent and p53 independent. Virus Research, 173: 426-430. NAAS=8.75
  • JuwarDoley, Lakshya Veer Singh, G. Ravi Kumar, Aditya Prasad Sahoo, LovleenSaxena, Uttara Chaturvedi, ShikhaSaxena, Rajiv Kumar, Praful Kumar Singh, R.S. Rajmani, S. K. Palia, S. Tiwari and A. K.Tiwari (2013). Canine parvovirus type 2a (CPV-2a) induced apoptosis in MDCK involves both extrinsic and intrinsic pathways. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology.172:497-508.NAAS=7.89
  • R S Rajmani, Prafull Kumar Singh, Sanjay Kumar, G Ravi Kumar, Aditya P Sahoo, LakshmanSantra, ShikhaSaxena, Lakshya Veer Singh, Uttara Chaturvedi, LovleenSaxena, G S Desai, Shishir Kumar Gupta, Amit Kumar, N S Jadon &Ashok K Tiwari (2014). Development of dog mammary tumorxenograft in immunosuppressed Swiss albino mice. Indian J. Exp. Biology, 52: 935-42. NAAS=7.20
  • LakshmanSantra, R.S. Rajmani, G.V.P.P.S. Ravi Kumar, ShikhaSaxena,Sujoy K. Dhara, Amit Kumar, Aditya Prasad Sahoo, Lakshya Veer Singh, G.S. Desai, Uttara Chaturvedi, Sudesh Kumar, Ashok K. Tiwari (2014). Non-Structural protein 1 (NS1) gene of Canine Parvovirus-2 regresses chemically induced skin tumors in Wistar rats,Research in Veterinary Science 97,292–296. NAAS Impact=7.77


  • Bharat Ratna Dr C. Subramaniam Award for Outstanding Teacher-2012
  • IVRI Best Teacher Award for 2003-04
  • ISVIB FM Burnet Team award-2011
  • Fellow Indian Virological Society in 2014
  • Special Volunteer (Visiting Scientist) at National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland, USA of
  • Commonwealth Academic Staff fellowship-2007-08
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, university of Minnesota, USA in 2004
  • Indo-UK TOMBIT Fellowship in 1996
  • Dr. S. VancheeswarIyer Gold Medal for the best research paper of IVJ in 1996
  • Dr. PR Neelakanthan Gold medal for the best paper published in IVJ


  • Indian Virological Society
  • Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologist, Immunologist and specialist in infectious diseases
  • Indian Society for Veterinary Immunology & Biotechnology
  • Indian Association of advancement in Veterinary Research
  • Rohilkhand Vets Club

Ongoing Projects

  • National initiative on climate resilient agriculture (NICRA): Identification of unique traits/ factors in indigenous livestock making them resilient to climate change in relation to diseases and database development
  • Veterinary type culture collection: Veterinary microbes component
  • Establishment of reverse genetics system for rescue of bluetongue virus of Indian origin
  • Development of multiplex assay for detecting autoantibody signatures (Biomarkers) associated with canine mammary cancer
  • Development of national Brucella repository and molecular characterization of brucella species of diverse origin
  • Standardization and quality control of veterinary biologicals and nodal agency in veterinary type culture
  • Molecular Characterization of Brucella Species of Diverse Origin and Strengthening of National Repository
  • Veterinary Type Culture Collection: Veterinary Microbes Component
  • NICRA: Identification of unique traits/factors in indigenous livestock making them resilient to climate change in relation to diseases and database development
  • Identification of oncolytic viral genes and development of tumor targeted nano-delivery vehicle for cancer therapy in bovines (Lead Institute) . (NAIP)
  • Improved infectious bursal disease virus vaccines using Newcastle Virus Vector (DBT-Twinning programme for the NE)
  • Development of national brucella repository and molecular characterization of brucella species of diverse origin.
  • Development of composite scaffolds for bone and tendon repair using tissue engineering techniques

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