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Major Achievements


  • Development of antiserum method of treatment for anthrax and rinderpest.
  • Invention of a live attenuated vaccine in the form of goat tissue virus for rinderpest.
  • Identification of Ranikhet Disease of poultry and development of a potent vaccine.
  • Recognition and development of diagnostics and vaccine against South African horse sickness leading to its eradication in mid-sixties from the country.
  • Development of diagnostics and vaccines against a host of bacterial diseases of animals, e.g. tuberculin, Johnin, Mallein, multi component vaccine for clostridial infection.
  • Adaptation of tissue culture rinderpest vaccine in lamb kidney culture, which paved the way for rinderpest eradication campaign in the country.
  • Molecular characterization of indigenous isolates of rinderpest.
  • Development of a monoclonal antibody based ELISA kit for sero surveillance of rinderpest.
  • Establishment of a national repository of rinderpest seed viruses (including vaccine viruses).
  • Development or standardization of a battery of modern, rapid and precise laboratory diagnostic techniques for animal viral diseases, e.g., rinderpest.
  • Adaptation of the technology for the production of FMD vaccine by crystal violet inactivation of infected tongue epithelium and subsequently in goat kidney primary culture, BHK21 monolayer or suspension culture.
  • Development and application of monoclonal antibodies for characterization of Indian isolates of FMD viruses.
  • Molecular characterization of Indian isolates of FMD viruses and understanding molecular epidemiology of the disease in India vis-à-vis neighboring countries.
  • Development of a battery of modern and rapid techniques for the detection of FMD virus and quantitative assessment of post-vaccination antibodies in animal sera.
  • A well characterized repository comprising more then 850 FMD virus isolates of Indian origin.


  • Technologies transferred
    • Technology for “Production and Quality Control of Vero cell-based Live Attenuated PPR vaccine” transferred to Public sectors like State Biological Production units of Haryana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh and Private sectors such as M/s Indian Immunologicals Ltd., Hyderabad and M/s Intervet India Ltd., Pune
  • Technology(ies) under transfer
    • Production and Quality control of a Live attenuated Vero cell-based goat pox vaccine
  • Technologies developed & evaluated under large-scale field trial
    • Live attenuated Vero cell-based goatpox and PPR combined vaccine.
    • A live attenuated Vero cell based buffalopox vaccine.
    • Thermo-resistant (TR) PPR vaccines (3 vaccines).
    • High passaged live attenuated goatpox vaccine.
    • Live attenuated Vero cell based sheeppox vaccine.
    • Live attenuated Orf vaccine.
    • Whole virus and recombinant VP7 protein based indirect ELISAs for detection of BTV antibodies in sheep serum samples.
  • Technologies under laboratory trial
    • Live attenuated Vero cell based camelpox vaccine.
    • Recombinant PPRV haemagglutinin “H” protein as a replacement of PPR vaccine virus antigen in c-ELISA kit.
    • PAb based sandwich ELISA for detection of BTV from clinical samples.
  • Products being produced in house and sold
    • Live attenuated Vero cell based PPR vaccine: 5.6 million doses since July, 2003.
    • Live attenuated Vero cell based goatpox vaccine >1.25 lakh doses for field trial and 2400 doses were sold since Nov, 2007.
    • MAb based Rinderpest competitive ELISA (c-ELISA) kits: 111 kits since Nov, 2003.
    • MAb based PPR competitive ELISA (c-ELISA) kits: 171 kits since Nov. 2003.
    • MAb based PPR sandwich ELISA (s-ELISA) kits: 106 kits since Nov, 2003.
  • Products being produced in-house and supplied as experimental material for large-scale field evaluation
    • High Passaged live attenuated Vero cell-based goatpox vaccine.
    • Live attenuated PPR and goatpox combined vaccine.
    • Live attenuated Vero cell based buffalopox vaccine.
    • Live attenuated Vero cell based sheeppox vaccine.
    • Live attenuated Orf vaccine.
    • Recombinant VP7 based indirect ELISA for detection of bluetongue virus antibodies for testing 20,000 serum samples.
  • Awards and Recognition
    • ICAR awarded outstanding interdisciplinary Team Research in Agriculture and Allied Sciences for the Biennium 2005-06 to Dr R K Singh, Dr M Hosamani, Dr V Bhanuprakash, Dr V Balamurugan and Dr S K Singh.
    • Lal Bahadur Shastri Young Scientist Biennum Award for the year 2005-06 has been awarded to Dr V Balamurugan by the ICAR for his outstanding contribution in the field of Animal Science.
    • Kit releasing ceremony (recombinant VP7 based indirect ELISA kit for the diagnosis of bluetongue) at CCS HAU, Haryana on 13-14 July, 2009 under the chairmanship of Dr K M Kokhar, Vice Chancellor, HAU and Dr Lal Krishna (AH), ICAR, New Delhi. The kit has been developed under AINP BT by Dr B Mondal, Dr V Bhanuprakash and Dr S K Biswas.
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