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Major Activities

    viro IVRI
  • Production and supply of diagnostic kits for diagnosis and sero-surveillance of PPR.
  • Production and supply of PPR vaccine for field use.
  • Development of thermostable, deuterated and combined (PPR and Goatpox) vaccines for PPR.
  • Molecular epidemiology of peste des petits ruminants virus, poxviruses and bluetongue virus.
  • Development of SYBR Green and TaqMan based real time PCR and multiplex PCR for rapid and specific diagnosis of PPR.
  • Molecular pathogenesis of PPR virus:
    • SLAM characterization
    • Cytokine profiling
    • Virus tropism
    viro IVRI
    viro IVRI
  • Development of DIVA strategy for differentiation of PPR infection from vaccination.
  • Development of live attenuated vaccines for goatpox, sheeppox, camelpox, buffalopox and Orf.
  • Development of combined vaccines:
    • Goatpox and PPR.
    • Sheeppox and PPR.
    • Goatpox, Orf and PPR.
  • Evaluation of goatpox, sheeppox, Orf, buffalopox and camelpox live attenuated vaccines in terms of:
    • Thermo-stability.
    • TaqMan real time PCR based potency estimation.
    • Large-scale field trials.
    • Long-term potency trials for sheeppox and goatpox vaccines.
    • Comparative evaluation of sheeppox vaccines.
  • Development of TaqMan real time PCR for rapid and specific diagnosis of sheeppox, goatpox, Orf, buffalopox and camelpox
  • Detection and differentiation of sheeppox, goatpox and Orf by multiplex PCR.
  • Taxonomy capacity building of animal poxviruses.
  • Characterization of “Toll-like Receptors (TLRs)” in farm animals: Evolutionary lineages and application in diseases resistance.
  • Prevalence, characterization and development of diagnostics for animal rotaviruses.
  • Production and supply of recombinant VP7 protein based indirect ELISA for serosurveillance of bluetongue in the country and development of PAb based sandwich ELISA for bluetongue virus detection from clinical samples.
  • Maintenance of repositories (virus, serum, virus isolates) of Rinderpest (only vaccine strain), PPR, pox (sheeppox, goatpox, buffalo pox, camelpox and orf), bluetongue and classical swine fever (CSF).
  • Providing diagnostic services for selected animal viral diseases viz. PPR, pox and bluetongue.
  • Postgraduate teaching in Veterinary Virology.
  • Extension activities:
    • Diagnostic.
    • Prophylactic.
    • Therapeutic services.
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