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Field of Specialization Veterinary Virology Division Total Research Papers 6
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Top 10 Research Papers

  • Chand, K., Biswas, S.K., Sing, B., De, A. and Mondal, B. (2009). A sandwich ELISA for the detection of bluetongue virus in cell culture, using antiserum against the recombinant VP7 protein. Veterinaria Italiana 45(3): 443-448.
  • Chand, K., Biswas, S.K., De, A., Sing, B. And Mondal, B. (2009). A polyclonal antibody-based sandwich ELISA for the detection of bluetongue virus in cell culture and blood of sheep infected experimentally. Journal of Virological Methods, 160: 189-192.
  • De, A., Batabyal, S., Biswas, S.K., Chand, K., Singh, R.K. and Mondal, B. (2009). Surveillance of bluetongue virus antibody in goats using a recombinant VP7-based indirect ELISA in the coastal saline area of West Bengal, India. Veterinaria Italiana, 45 (2): 339-346.
  • Mondal, B., Sen, A., Chand, K., Biswas, S. K., De, A., Rajak, K. K. and Chakravarti, S. (2009). Evidence of mixed infection of peste des petits ruminants virus and bluetongue virus in a flock of goats as confirmed by detection of antigen, antibody and nuc
  • Pathak, K. B., Biswas, S. K., Tembhurne, P. A., Hosamani M., Bhanuprakash, V. Prasad, G., Singh, R. K., Rasool, T. J. and Mondal, B. (2008). Prokaryotic expression of truncated VP7 of Bluetongue virus (BTV) and reactivity of the purified recombinant
  • Tembhurne, P.A., Mondal, B., Pathak, K.B., Biswas S.K., Sanyal, A., Yadav, M.P., Bandyopadhyay, S.K. and Singh R.K. (2009). Segment-2 sequence analyses and cross-neutralization studies on some Indian bluetongue viruses suggest isolates are VP2-variants of serotype 23. Archives of 12 (in press), doi: 10.1007/s00705-009-0553-z.

Ongoing Projects

  • Serosurveillance, isolation and molecular characterization of bluetongue virus in sheep and goats of Tripura and Assam states