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Research Projects

Institute Project

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Out Funded Project


Development and application of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for serological survey of Japanese encephalitis virus infection in equines

Project Investigator: Dr. HIMANI DHANZE
Funding Agency: DST


New Promising approaches for synergistic blocking of anthrax toxin at protective antigen interacting domains of the lethal factor and edema factor

Project Investigator: Dr. DEEPAK BHIWA RAWOOL
Funding Agency: DHR - MHFW


Genotypic diversity of human, bovine and porcine group A rotaviruses

Project Investigator: Dr. ZUNJAR BABURAO DUBAL
Funding Agency: DBT


Development of national Brucella repository and molecular characterization of brucella species of diverse origin

Project Investigator: Dr. D K SINGH
Funding Agency: DBT


Programme support on translational research on molecular epidemiology of Listeria monocytogenes

Project Investigator: Dr. S.V.S. Malik
Funding Agency: DBT


Outreach Programme on Zoonotic diseases

Project Investigator:
Funding Agency: ICAR
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