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» Division of Animal Nutrition

Scientist Profile

Dr. Ashok K. Pattanaik
Principal Scientist,
Animal Nutrition Division,

Telephone: 0581-230 3157,54
Mobile No.: 94110 87753

Field of Specialization Clinical nutrition of livestock and pets; Companion animal nutrition; Nutraceuticals and functional foods Total Research Papers 114
No. Patents Granted / Filed 1 Total No. of Book / Manual 41
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 5 No. of PhD Student Guided 5
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 0 Present Numberof PhD Student 2

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Choubey, M., Pattanaik, A.K., Baliyan, S., Dutta, N., Jadhav, S.E. and Sharma, K. 2015. Dietary supplementation of a novel phytogenic feed additive: effects on nutrient metabolism, antioxidant status and immune response of goats. Animal Production Science, DOI:10.1071/AN14770
  • Samal, L., Chaturvedi, V.B., Saikumar, G., Somvanshi, R. and Pattanaik, A.K. 2014. Prebiotic potential of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) in Wistar rats: effects of levels of supplementation on hindgut fermentation, intestinal morphology, blood metabolites and immune response. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 95(8): 1689–1696.
  • Jayaganthan, P., Perumal, P., Balamurugan, T.C., Verma, R.P., Singh, L.P., Pattanaik, A.K. and Meena Kataria. 2013. Effects of Tinospora cordifolia supplementation on semen quality and hormonal profile in rams. Animal Reproduction Science, 140 (1-2): 47-53
  • Atkins, H.L., Geier, M.S., Prisciandaro, L.D., Pattanaik, A.K., Forder, R.E.A., Turner, M.S. and Howarth, G.S. 2012. Effects of a Lactobacillus reuteri BR11 mutant deficient in the cystine-transport system in a rat model of inflammatory bowel disease. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 57 (3): 713–719.
  • Pattanaik, A.K., Khan, S.A. and Goswami, T.K. 2011. Iodine supplementation to a diet containing Leucaena leucocephala leaf meal: Effects on nutrient metabolism, clinical chemistry and immunity of goats. Animal Production Science, 51 (5): 541-548.
  • Singh, V.K., Pattanaik, A.K., Sharma, K. and Saini, M. 2011. Effect of reduced dietary energy intake on erythrocytic antioxidant defense in lambs. Animal Production Science, 51 (6): (642-649.
  • Lohakare, J., Pattanaik, A.K. and Khan, S.A. 2010. Effect of long-term fluoride exposure on growth, nutrient utilization and fluoride kinetics of calves fed graded levels of dietary protein. Biological Trace Element Research, 138 (1): 148-162
  • Sahoo, A., Pattanaik, A.K. and Goswami, T.K. 2009. Immuno-biochemical status of sheep exposed to periods of experimental protein deficit and re-alimentation. Journal of Animal Science, 87(8): 2664-2673.
  • Kore, K.B., Pattanaik, A.K., Das, A. and Sharma, K. 2009. Evaluation of alternate cereal sources in dog diets: effect on nutrient utilization and hindgut fermentation characteristics. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 89 (13): 2174-2180.
  • Pattanaik, A. K., Khan, S. A. and Goswami, T. K. 2007. Influence of iodine on nutritional, metabolic and immunological response of goats fed Leucaena leucocephala leaf meal diet. Journal of Agriculture Science, Camb. 145 (4): 395-405.

Technologies Developed

  • Vegetarian dog biscuit
  • Synbiotic product for pet dogs
  • Phytogenic feed additive for ruminants
  • Detoxification process for karanj, neem and jatropha oil cakes


  • Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship for Professional and Academic Excellence– 2016
  • International Travel Grant (Waltham South Asia) – 2013
  • Best Teacher Award (IVRI, Deemed University) - 2013
  • International Travel Grant (DST) - 2012
  • Hari Om Ashram Trust Award (ICAR) - 2012
  • Award of Merit (IVRI) - 2012
  • Endeavour Research Fellowship (Govt of Australia) – 2010
  • Fellow, National Academy of Veterinary Sciences (India) – 2008
  • Best Paper Award in Canine Nutrition (ISACP) - 2008
  • Best Paper Award in Global Animal Nutrition Conference - GLANCE (ANSI) – 2014


  • Member, International Goat Association
  • Life Member, Animal Nutrition Association
  • Life Member, Animal Nutrition Society of India
  • Life Member, Indian Association for Advancement of Veterinary Research
  • Life Member, Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice

Ongoing Projects

  • Nutrigenomic approaches to elucidate the role of zinc and selenium in animals under abiotic stress conditions
  • Niche Area of Excellence (NAE) on Nutrition and gut health: Probiotics, prebiotics and phytogenics as functional foods to augment gut health of dogs
  • Nutrition and gut health: Probiotics, prebiotics and phytogenics as functional foods to augment gut health of dogs
  • Niche Area of Excellence NAE – Nutrition and Gut Health: Probiotics, Prebiotics and Phytogenics as Functional Foods to Augment Gut Health of Dogs

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