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» Division of Animal Nutrition

Scientist Profile

Dr. Putan Singh
M.SC., Ph.D
Principal Scientist,
Animal Nutrition Division,

Telephone: 0581-2301318
Mobile No.: 9411220003

Field of Specialization Animal Nutrition Division (Ruminant Nutrition) Total Research Papers 71
No. Patents Granted / Filed 1 Total No. of Book / Manual 5
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 4 No. of PhD Student Guided 2
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 1 Present Numberof PhD Student 1

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Singh, P. and Agarwala, O.N. 1989. Detoxification of Mahua(Bassia latifolia) seed cake by alcohol treatment. Biol. Wastes, 29:229-231.
  • Singh, P., Biswas, J.C., Somvanshi, R., Verma, A.K., Deb, S.M. and Dey, R. A. 1996. Performance of Pashmina (Cheghu) goats fed on oak (Quercus semecarpifolia) leaves. Small Rumin. Res., 22: 123-130.
  • Singh, P., Pathak, N.N. and Biswas, J.C. 1997. Performance of broiler rabbits (Soviet chinchilla x Grey Giant) fed on low grain concentrate. World Rabbit Sci., 5(3): 121-123.
  • Singh, P., Verma, A.K., Dass, R.S. and Mehra, U.R., 1999. Performance of pashmina kids fed on oak (Qurecus semecarpifolia) leaves supplemented with urea molasses mineral block. Small Rumin.Res., 31: 239-244 .
  • Gendley, M.K., Singh, P. and Garg, A.K. 2002. Performance of crossbed cattle fed chopped green sugarcane tops supplemented with wheat bran or lentil chuni concentrates. Asian-Australasian J. Anim. Sci. 15 (10): 1422-1427.
  • Dhakad, A., Garg, A.K., Singh, P., Agrawal, D.K. 2002. Effect of replacement of maize grain with wheat bran on the performance of growing lambs. Small Rumin. Res., 43(3): 227-234.
  • George, S.K., Dipu, M.T., Mehra, U.R., Singh, P., Verma, A.K. and Ramgaokar, J.S. 2006. Improved HPLC method for the simultaneous detemination of allantoin, uric acid and creatinine in cattle urine. J. Chromatography B, 832: 134-137.
  • Ingale, S.L., Singh, P., Raina, O.K., Mehra, U.R., Verma, A.K., Gupta, S.C. and Mulik, S.V. 2008. Interferon-gamma and interleukin-4 expression during Fasciola gigntica primary infection in crossbred bovine calves as determined by real-time PCR. Vet. Parasitol., 152: 158-161.
  • Singh, P., Verma, A.K., Sahu, D.S. and Mehra, U.R. 2008. Utilization of nutrients as influenced by different restriction levels of feed intake under sub-tropical conditions in crossbred bulls. Livestock Sci., 117: 308-314.
  • Singh, V. K., Singh, P., Verma, A. K. and Mehra, U. R. 2008. On farm assessment of nutritional status of lactating cattle and buffaloes in urban, periurban and rural areas of Middle Gangetic Plains. Livestock Res. Rural Develop., 20 (8): singh20130.htm.

Technologies Developed

  • Developed grainless diets for various category of livestock including laboratory animals
  • Developed technology for improvement of sugarcane bagasse/pith, wheat straw and green sugarcane tops
  • Developed detoxification methods for unconventional oil cakes (deoiled mahua seed cake/ karanj cake/castor bean meal).
  • Developed mechanized process of urea ammonia treatment of wheat straw (Thresher-cum-treatment machine prototype) Patent applied
  • Developed anti-diarrhoeal herbal preparations for calves. All the anti-diarrheic herbal preparations are being submitted for patent and commercialization


  • JRF and SRF Fellowships
  • Prashasti patra for Hindi work


  • Animal Nutrition Society of India
  • Animal Nutrition Association of India
  • Indian Science Congress Association of India
  • Laboratory Animal Science Association of India
  • Agricultural Research Scientist Service Forum

Ongoing Projects

  • Feeding strategies for economical growth in male buffalo calves
  • Methyl donors as feed supplement for pigs: An epigenetic approach to maternal programming
  • Performance and behaviour of growing dairy cattle under modified shelter using different roofing materials
  • Kappaphycus alvarezii and Red seaweed based formulations for improving productivity and health of dairy and poultry animals
  • Evaluation of molasses based multi-nutrient liquid supplements for improving reproductive and productive performance in buffaloes
  • Performance and behaviour of growing dairy cattle under modified shelter using different roofing materials
  • Influence of Kapaphycus alvarezi and Red seaweeds supplementation on the performance of male crossbred calves
  • Studies on energy utilization in ruminants fed diets supplemented with rumen protected starch
  • Evaluation of molasses based multi-nutrients liquid supplements (MMLS )for improving reproductive and productive performance in buffaloes
  • Field evaluation and validation of user friendly technologies

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