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» Division of Animal Nutrition

Scientist Profile

Dr. S. E. Jadhav
Senior Scientist,
Animal Nutrition Division,

Mobile No.: 7351541433

Field of Specialization Mineral and Vitamin Nutrition, Clinical nutrition of livestock and pets Total Research Papers 14
No. Patents Granted / Filed 0 Total No. of Book / Manual 10
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 2 No. of PhD Student Guided 0
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 1 Present Numberof PhD Student 0

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Choubey, M., Pattanaik, A.K., Baliyan, S., Dutta, N., Jadhav, S. E. and Sharma, K. 2015. Dietary supplementation of a novel phytogenic feed additive: effects on nutrient metabolism, antioxidant status and immune response of goat. Animal Production Science,
  • Kumar A, Pattanaik, A.K., Baliyan, S., Jadhav, S.E., Dutta, N. and Patel, B.H.M. 2014. Behavioral and metabolic response to a low dose administration of bacterial endotoxin for early detection of illness in goats. Pakistan Veterinary Journal, 34(3): 297-300.
  • Jadhav, S. E., Garg, A. K. and Daas, R. S. 2008. Effect of graded level of zinc supplementation on growth and nutrient utilization in buffalo (Bubalis bubalis). Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, 8:65–72.
  • Jadhav, S.E. Guru Charan, Tilak R. K., Bharti, V. K. and Singh, S. B. 2011. Performance and blood biochemical profile of lambs fed local unconventional feed ingredients at cold and high altitude conditions of Ladakh. Indian J. of Animal Science. 81(7):730-734.
  • Choubey, M, Pattanaik, A.K., Baliyan, S., Kumar Ajit, Kumar Avneesh, Dutta, N., Jadhav, S.E., and Sharma, K. 2014. Effect of a composite phytochemical feed additive on in vitro substrate degradation and methanogenesis and in vivo rumen fermentation. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, 14:523-534.
  • Jadhav, S.E. and Deshmukh, S.V. 2003. Evaluation of complete rations containing black gram straw and wheat straw in sheep. Indian J. of Animal Nutrition. 18(2):190-193.
  • Lomash, V., Deb, V., Rai R., Jadhav, S. E., Vijayaraghavan, R. and Pant, S. C. 2011. Designing of mouse model: A new approach for studying sulphur mustard-induced skin lesions. Burns. 37:851-864.
  • Lomash, V., Jadhav, S. E., Ahmed, F., Vijayaraghavan, R., and Pant, S. C. 2012. Evaluation of wound healing formulation against sulphur mustard-induced skin injury. Human and Experimental Toxicology. 31(6):588–605.
  • Yadav, P, Jadhav, S. E., Kumar, V., Kirtee, K. K., Pant, S. C. and Flora, S. J. S. 2012. Protective efficacy of 2-PAMCl, atropine and curcumin against dichlorvos induced toxicity in rats. Interdisciplinary Toxicology. 5(1): 1–8. doi: 10.2478/v10102-012-0001-x.
  • Guru Charan, Vijay K. Bharti, S. E. Jadhav, S. Kumar, Dorjey Angchok, S. Acharya, P. Kumar and R. B. Srivastava. 2012. Altitudinal variations in soil carbon storage and distribution patterns in cold desert high altitude microclimate of India. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 7(47), PP-6313-6319.


  • Best Paper Award in Global Animal Nutrition Conference - GLANCE (ANSI) – 2014
  • Best Paper Award in Society of Toxicology, India Conference - 2011
  • National Technology Day Award, DRDO-2007
  • Technology Group Award, DRDO-2008
  • Editor, Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, official journal of Animal Nutrition Association, India


  • Life Member, Animal Nutrition Association of India
  • Life Member, Animal Nutrition Society of India
  • Life Member, Indian Society of Veterinary Medicine
  • Life Member, Society of Biological Chemist, India
  • Life Member, Society of Toxicology, India

Ongoing Projects

  • Nutrigenomic approaches to elucidate the role of zinc and selenium in animals under abiotic stress conditions
  • Niche Area of Excellence (NAE) on Nutrition and gut health: Probiotics, prebiotics and phytogenics as functional foods to augment gut health of dogs
  • AICRP on Pigs
  • Effect of phytogenic feed additive on maternal and offspring nutrition, health and production under different stress conditions in ruminants-IVRI

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