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Salient achievements

Fetal Extracter
  • An indigenous method called “Tupol Technique” for freezing bull semen.
  • A new staining technique to stain different parts of spermatozoa.
  • A simple and rapid method known as Crenellation Pattern Technique (CPT) developed for semen evaluation in field conditions.
  • A chemical method for Acrosomal Cap Separation.
  • “IVRI Crystoscope” for right-time breeding in cows and buffaloes.
  • Modified protocol for buffalo semen freezing.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis at 21 days post-breeding in goats and buffaloes by ultrasonography.
  • Molecular characterization of buffalo COX-2 gene.
  • Purification of PDC-109 from bull seminal plasma.
  • Early breeding in cow-heifers and buffaloes through Biostimulation.
  • Increase in conception rate / fertility in cows with ascorbic acid supplemented semen.
  • Effective new remedies against important reproductive disorders viz. Anestrus (Hormonal: Insulin, Herbal: Currypatta, Ghrit Kumari, Ashok Bark, Methi seeds), Repeat breeding (Hormonal: Insulin), Endometritis (Neem oil, Colostral whey, PMN Cells, Autologous Plasma).

Major Achievements


  • A.I. technique was standardized.
  • An Artificial Insemination service at key village centre was started.
  • Addition of caffeine (7mM conc.) in EYC diluted buffalo semen prolonged the sperm preservation at 5¬0 C.


  • Establishment of Germ plasm centre in the year 1982.
  • Production of 28 calves using ETT at LPR (C & B).
  • Egg-yolk TRIS was proved most efficient dilutor for freezing cattle and buffalo semen.
  • Static semen ejaculates from buffalo bull were successfully frozen.
  • Membrane damages in spermatozoa during freezing and thawing of semen was demonstrated by ultrastructural studies.
  • An indigenous technique called “Tupol Technique” was developed for freezing bovine semen.
  • Modified White Side Test was developed to detect endometritis in bovines.
  • A simple and rapid method known as Crenulation Pattern Technique (CPT) was Developed for semen evaluation in field condition.
  • A chemical method was established for separation of Acrosomal Cap.


  • Milk was found to be better than TRIS and Citrate diluters for freezing cattle semen.
  • Amylase activity, free phenolic substances and chloride content in seminal plasma were associated with poor free ability of buffalo semen.
  • Buffalo follicular fluid was found to increase ovulation rate in goats.
  • Air-insufflation method was standardized to test tubal patency.
  • Streptomycin and Nitrofurazone were found more effective in treating repeat breeding cows/buffaloes due to subclinical infection.


  • Fertility related Protein-PDC-109 from bull semen plasma was purified.
  • Increased conception rate was found in semen supplemented with ascorbic acid.
  • Molecular characterization of genes (Cox-2, PAG-1, Estrogen, Progesterone and Oxytocin receptors) regulating cyclicity and pregnancy recognition in buffalo.
  • Use of Cox-2 inhibitor for enhanced conception rate in buffaloes.
  • Early pregnancy diagnosis at 21-30 days using ultrasonography in goats and buffaloes.
  • Base line data of Tharparkar bull semen were generated.
  • Restoration of cyclicity in cows and buffaloes through:
    • Biostimulation ie; Induction of fertile estrus following oro-nasal application of estrual mucus and bull urine in heifers and cows.
    • Bull exposure curtails the incidence of silent ovulation and shortens the service period and increases conception rate in postpartum buffaloes.
    • Herbal plants- Feeding of powder of Curry leaf, Bel and Ghrit kumari.
    • Hormones- Administration of Insulin, Progesterone+PMSG, GnRH and PGF2 alpha.
  • Established the merit of some bacterial modulins (E.coli LPS, Bacterial free filtrate) as an alternative therapy to antibiotic for endometritic cows and buffaloes.
  • Deduced efficacy of herbal drugs (Neem oil & Garlic extract) for amelioration of uterine infections in bovine.
  • Identified certain Urinary compounds specific to various reproductive stages in buffalo cow.
  • Isolated specific compounds from bull urine.
  • IVRI Crystoscope”- A field tool to determine right time breeding in Cows and Buffaloes. Marketed by: Lyka Exports, Ranbaxy India Ltd, Cattle Remedies India Ltd and Rohit Enterprises.


  • Identified IL-10 as a prognostic marker for predicting RFM in cattle and buffalo.
  • Developed a mineral based -Technology for estrus induction and synchronization in bovines (Registration no.792/DEL/2011).
  • Fertility related Protein PDC-109 from buffalo seminal plasma was purified.
  • Supplementation of a diet enriched with fish oil (as a source of omega-3 PUFA) improved the ovarian function,embryonic development and conception rate in mare.
  • Feasibility of developing mice model of endometritis was demonstrated uterine isolate of E.coli from buffalo.
  • PDC-109 was cloned and sequenced from the seminal vesicle of buffalo and recombinant protein was produced .
  • Anti-sperm antibodies were demonstrated as a cause of repeat breeding in cattle.
  • Uterine infection was found to impair the ovarian function in the buffalo.
  • Upregulation of TLR-4 and Proinflammatory cytokines in the endometrium were found useful as diagnostic marker for subclinical endometritis in bovine.
  • 16S rRNA based sequencing showed presence of unculturable bacteria in the uterus of postpartum buffalo.
  • Association of TLR4 and TLR5 transcripts with luteal phase and uterine infection was demonstrated.
  • Developed IVRI Fetal Extractor for handling dystocia cases in cattle & buffalo.