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» Division of Livestock Production Management

Scientist Profile

Dr. A K. S. Tomar
Principal Scientist,
Livestock Production & Management Section,

Telephone: 0581-2303661
Mobile No.: 9412328037

Field of Specialization Dairy cattle and buffalo Genetics & Breeding; Animal Genetics & Breeding along with sheep and goat Genetics & Breeding Total Research Papers 50
No. Patents Granted / Filed Total No. of Book / Manual 4
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 4 No. of PhD Student Guided 4
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student Present Numberof PhD Student

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Tomar, A.K.S., Joshi, J.D., Sidhu, N.S. and Bisht, G.S., 1996, Additive and heterotic effects for economic traits in Holstein x Tharparkar halfbreds in tropics, World Rev. of Anim. Production. 30 (3&4): 90-104
  • Tomar, A.K.S., Joshi, J.D., Sidhu, N.S. and Bisht, G.S. , 1998, Comparative performance of Bos indicus, Bos taurus and their halfbreds in terai region of tropics, Proc. of “6th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production”, held at University of New South Wales, Armidale (Australia), during 12-16 January, pp. 209-212 (Vol. 25)
  • Tomar, A.K.S., Joshi, J.D., Sidhu, N.S. and Bisht, G.S. 1998, Direct and correlated responses to single trait selection for Holstein cattle in northern India, Ind. J. Dairy Sci., 51(4): 216-220
  • Mehta, B.S., Tomar, A.K.S., Parthasarathy, S. and Jaishankar, J., 2000, Factors affecting wool quality traits in Bharat Merino sheep, Ind. J. Small Ruminants, 6(1): 52-54
  • Tomar, A.K.S. and Arun Kumar , 2001, Isolation and quantification of environmental effect of concentrate feeding from the phenotype of Sirohi male kids-A study involving monozygotic twins
  • Arun Kumar, Tomar, A.K.S. and Singh, N.P. , 2004, Live weight gain and carcass traits of Kutchi kids under grazing with varying levels of concentrate supplementation., Indian J. Small Ruminants, 10 (2): 174-175
  • Tomar, A.K.S., Pandey, H.N. and Bisht, G.S., 2005, A derived selection criterion for efficient selection in dairy cattle : Time taken to produce one kg of milk in first lactation., Indian Journal of Animal Science, 75(4): 82
  • Paswan, C., Bhushan, B., Patra, B.N., Kumar, P., Sharma, A. Dandapat, S., Tomar, A.K.S. and Dutt, T., 2005, Characterization of MHC DRB3.2 alleles of crossbred cattle by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism, Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, 18(9): 1226-1230
  • Pandey, H.O., Tomar, A.K.S., Dutt, Triveni, Pandey, H.N., Singh, M. and Shrivastava, M.K.,
  • Vijay Kumar, P., Pandey, HN, Singh, Mukesh, Dutt, Triveni and Tomar, A.K.S., 2009, Behavioral response to heat ameliorative measures on buffalo heifers, Ind. J. Anim. Sci., 79(4) :433-436

Technologies Developed

  • Acted as an active member of the team involved in development of Vrindavani cattle breed/strain developed by LPM (IVRI Izatnagar) which should be patented at institute level.


  • Acted as a Member of Technical Advisory Committee for Central Cattle Breeding Farm, Andeshnagar, Lakhimpur Kheri (UP). Acted as member of Board of Studies of Division of Animal Genetics, IVRI Izatnagar.
  • Deliver several Invited Lectures at various forums.
  • Treasurer of “The Genetic Association of India”.
  • Acted as Executive Body Member of Indian Society for Sheep Goat Production and Utilization.
  • Acting as ‘Chapter Secretary’ of Indian Society of Animal Production and Management.
  • Acted as Referee for reviewing research articles of Genetics & Breeding/Livestock production & Management for reputed journals viz.
  • Worked as Secretary of the Agricultural Research Service Scientists Forum (ARSSF), at CSWRI, Avikanagar.
  • Acted as Member in Tender Finalization Committee at UPLDB, Lucknow (UP).
  • Appointed as Member in Board of Studies in LPM discipline.
  • Invited to attend Working Group Meeting for development of competency based modular curricula in the area of dairying at PSSCIVE (NCERT), Bhopal.


  • Life member of “Indian Society for Sheep & Goat Production & Utilization” (ISSGPU).
  • Life member of “The Genetic Association of India” (GAI).
  • Life member of “The Indian Society of Animal Production and Management (ASAPM)”.
  • Life member of “Agricultural Research Service Scientists’ Forum” (ARSSF).
  • Life Member of “Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB)”.

Ongoing Projects

  • Genetic evaluation of economic traits of economic importance using pedigree information in SNPs marker in Murrah buffalo and crossbred cattle
  • Feeding strategies for economical growth in male buffalo calves
  • Multiplication and evaluation of synthetic crossbred cattle strain- Vrindavani
  • Genetic improvement, conservation and multiplication of Tharparkar native cattle
  • Network programme on buffalo improvement
  • Multiplication and evaluation of synthetic crossbred cattle strain – Vrindavani
  • Genetic improvement, conservation and multiplication of Tharparkar native cattle
  • Performance of Murrah buffalo herd
  • Estimation of autozygosity in cattle and buffaloes by conventional and modern methods and their comparison

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