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» Division of Livestock Production Management

Scientist Profile

Dr. P. K. Bharti
Livestock Production & Management Section,

Telephone: 0
Mobile No.: 9402196601

Field of Specialization Livestock Production Management Total Research Papers 25
No. Patents Granted / Filed 0 Total No. of Book / Manual Manual-2
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 0 No. of PhD Student Guided 0
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 0 Present Numberof PhD Student 0

Top 10 Research Papers

  • P. K. Bharti, M. L. Kamboj, Amrish Tyagi, R. Basumatary, Suresh Kumar and M.H. Khan. 2011. Economics of Feeding Milk Replacer and Whole Milk in Crossbred Calves. Indian Veterinary Journal. 88 (10), 43-44.
  • P. K. Bharti., M.L. Kamboj and Amrish Tyagi 2012. “Comparative effect of feeding commercial milk replacer and whole milk on growth and feed conversion efficiency of Indian dairy calves” .Indian Journal of Animal Science. Vol. 82(10), 1221-24.
  • P K Bharti, Kamboj M L and Kumar P. 2014. Health performance of crossbred Indian dairy calves reared on whey based commercial milk replacer. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 85 (5): 580-83.
  • P K Bharti, Khan M H, Barman C, Kadirvel G, Kumar S, Basumatary R, Doley S and Khargaria G. 2014. Growth, feed efficiency and health performance of Soviet chinchilla rabbit fed with different levels of cole leaves under subtropical hill ecosystem of Meghalaya. Special Issue on Veterinary Research & Extension. Indian Res. J. Ext. Edu. 14(4): 52-54.
  • P K Bharti, Dutt T, Patel M and Pandey H O. 2015. Success rate, growth performance and feed efficiency of buffalo calves reared at different feeding programs under semi-intensive systems of rearing. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 85 (3): 320-23.
  • P K Bharti , Triveni Dutt, B H M Patel, H O Pandey and A K S Tomar. 2015. Does age at weaning influences behavior of Murrah buffalo calves under semi-intensive management conditions? Indian Journal of Animal Science 85 (9): 1031-36.
  • P K Bharti, Triveni Dutt, H O Pandey, B H M Patel, K Mahendran, S Kaswan, Probhakar Biswas and V K Upadhyay. 2015. Effect of weaning age on health of Murrah buffalo calves. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 85 (12): 1370-74.
  • Reena Kamal, Triveni Dutt, Manjunath Patel, Amitava Dey, Poolangulam Chinnakkan, Panch Kishore Bharti and samir Kumar Barari. 2015. Behavioural, biochemical and hormonal responses of heat-stressed crossbred calves to different shade materials. Journal of Applied Research, DOI: 10.1080/09712119.2015.1074076
  • G Khargaria, G Kadirvel, S Kumar, S Doley, P K Bharti and Mukut Das. 2015. Principal component analysis of morphological traits of Assam Hill Goat in eastern Himalayan India. The journal of Animal & Plant Sciences, 25(5): 1251-58.
  • Suresh Kumar, Bhanita Devi, A Purkayastha, P K Bharti, S Doley and G Kadirvel. 2016. Porcine ovarian biometry, oocyte retrieval and quality of oocytes under different seasons in north east hill region. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 86(3): 300-03.


  • Received “Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Award-2014” for outstanding research in tribal farming systems during 87th foundation day ceremony of ICAR. at Patna on 25th July 2015. This award was conferred to my team which consisted of Dr. Suresh Kumar, Dr G kadirvel, Dr. Sunil Doley and Dr. P K Bharti.


  • India Society of Animal Production and Management (ISAPM )
  • Swine Production Society of India (SPSI)
  • Indian Society of Hill Farming

Ongoing Projects

  • Enhancing livelihood security of farming community through livestock and crop integration using proven technologies
  • Performance and behaviour of growing dairy cattle under modified shelter using different roofing materials
  • Effect of milking environment enrichment on production and behavior in cattle
  • Performance and behaviour of growing dairy cattle under modified shelter using different roofing materials

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