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» Division of Livestock Economics, Statistics and Information Technology

Scientist Profile

Dr. Sanjay Kumar
BSc (Ag) MSc(Dairy Economics), Ph.D. (Agricultural Economics)
Principal Scientist,
ARIS Cell,

Telephone: 0581-2300515 (ARIS Cell), 0581-2300207 (LES)
Mobile No.: 9412565510

Field of Specialization Livestock Economics Total Research Papers 57
No. Patents Granted / Filed 0 Total No. of Book / Manual 2
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 3 No. of PhD Student Guided 0
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 2 Present Numberof PhD Student 0

Top 10 Research Papers

  • Kumar, Sanjay and Dixit, R.S. (2008) An Analysis of factors affecting the credit need of tribal farmers in India. Journal of applied animal research 47, 857-862.
  • S. Anandan, A.Dey, S.M.Deb, Sanjay Kumar & P.C.Harbola (1999) Effect of curds as probiotic supplement on performance on Chegu crossbred kids.Small Ruminent research (32) 93-96.
  • Mahesh Chander, A. Dey, Sanjay Kumar & P.C. Harbola (1998) Systems approach to livestock health and production system in mountainous region of India: some preliminary observations of a research project. In. proc. 15th International symposium of the Association of Farming Systems Research-Extension, Pretoria(South Africa), 29th november-4th December., Vol.2 pp-1038-1041.
  • Sanjay Kumar & Surinder Singh.(1999). Marketing of goat and goat meat in tribal area of Chota Nagpur plateau. Bihar Journal of Agricultural Marketing. Vol. VII, no.4, 433-439.
  • Sanjay Kumar & Surinder Singh.(2002). Role of tribal women in goat farming .Journal of Dairying, foods & Home science, 21(2)132-135.
  • Mahesh Chander, Sanjay Kumar & P.C. Harbola (2000). An appraisal of Buffalo Husbandry inCentral Himalayan Region. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 70(3):327-328.
  • Sanjay Kumar. (2000) Child labor in Hill Agriculture – A case study of Kumaon hills. Bihar Journal of Agricultural Marketing. Vol. VIII(3)340-343.
  • Sanjay Kumar, Mahesh Chander & P.C. Harbola. (1999). An economic analysis of production and disposal pattern of milk and milk products in Kumaon Hills. Indian journal of Animal Health.38(2):147-150.
  • Kumar, Sanjay & Chander, Mahesh.(2004). Is goat farming a threat to Ecology? ENVIS Bulletin: Himalayan Ecology, 12,2, pp.13-16.
  • Kumar, Sanjay, Srinivas, B.P. Sinha, M.K., Singh, R., Singh,Y.P.and Bisht, G.S.,(2004 )“Probable Economic Impact of Peste Des Petis Ruminants Vaccine Agricultural Economic Research Review. Vol.17,pp145-150.

Technologies Developed

  • Financial Project for rabbit farming in the Hill


  • NDRI fellowship for M.Sc.
  • UGC Felloship for PhD
  • Best postar award


  • Society of agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Economics research Association
  • Society of agricultural Marketing

Ongoing Projects

  • Development and assessment of educational mobile Apps for improving livestock health and production.
  • Economic losses due to classical swine fever (CSF) disease and influencing factors for its prevalence in India
  • Assessment of livestock healthcare delivery system and scope for its improvement in Uttar Pradesh
  • Network Project on ‘Policy imperatives for promoting value chain of agricultural commodities in India’
  • Diffusion and adoption of livestock technologies in different agro-climatic zones
  • Structure, conduct and performance of livestock and livestock marketing system in Uttar Pradesh
  • Economic effects of important livestock disease burden in Indiaq and cost benefit analysis of targeted interventions.
  • Assessment of livestock healthcare delivery system and scope for its improvement in Uttar Pradesh (UPCAR)
  • Electronic data processing and networking

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