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» Division of Livestock Economics, Statistics and Information Technology

Scientist Profile

Dr. Med Ram Verma
B. Sc. M. Sc. , Ph. D.
Senior Scientist,
Livestock Economics, Statistics & Information Technology,

Telephone: 0581-2300207
Mobile No.: 9412565939

Field of Specialization Sampling Theory Total Research Papers 83
No. Patents Granted / Filed Total No. of Book / Manual 2(Book) 12(Manual)
No. of M.V.Sc. Student Guided 3 No. of PhD Student Guided 2
Present Number of M.V.Sc. Student 1 Present Numberof PhD Student 2

Top 10 Research Papers

  • M.R.Verma, B. Singh, Rajiv Pandey and J.P.S. Joorel (2014). Sample allocation procedure for evaluation of the impact of development programme under exponential phase effect. Journal of the Indian Statistical Association, 52 (1), 151-160.
  • B. Singh, Shiv Prasad, D K Sinha, M.R.Verma (2013). Estimation of economic losses due to foot and mouth diseases in India. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 83 (9), 964–970.
  • M.R. Verma, Sarjinder Singh and Rajiv Pandey (2012). Approximately optimum stratification for sensitive quantitative variables using auxiliary information. Journal of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics, 66(3), 401-412.
  • M. R. Verma¬, Rajiv Pandey, B. Singh and Shiv Prasad (2012). A Methodology for Determination of Sample Size for Evaluation of Development Programme. International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences, 8(2), 627-632.
  • M.R. Verma, S. Mandal, A.K.Tripathi (2011). Dynamics of Milch Bovine population in Meghalaya. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 81 (5), 521–24.
  • S.K. Sanwal, M. Kozak and M.R. Verma (2011). Searching for the optimum multivariate profile of an ash gourd [Benincasa hispida (Thunb.) Cogn.] genotype. Acta Physiologicae Plantarium, 33: 463–468.
  • M.R. Verma (2008). Approximately optimum stratification for Ratio and Regression methods of estimation. Applied Mathematics Letters, 21 (2), 200-207.
  • M.R. Verma (2008). A Method of Optimum Stratification for Two Study Variables. Journal of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics, 62(3), 266-27.
  • M. Kozak, P.K. Singh, M.R. Verma and D.K. Hore. (2007). Causal mechanism for determination of grain yield and milling quality of lowland rice. Field Crops Research, 102, 178-184.
  • M. Kozak and M.R. Verma (2006). Geometric versus optimization stratification: A comparison of Efficiency., Survey Methodology, 32(2), 157-163

Technologies Developed

  • Developed sample allocation methodologies for evaluation of the impact of development programmes.
  • Developed an alternate method for determination of optimum strata boundaries for two study variables for compromise allocation in case of SRS scheme.
  • Developed methodology for optimum stratification for two study variables in case of ratio and regression method of estimation.
  • Developed methodology for optimum stratification for two study variables in case of PPS sampling.
  • Developed various rules for optimum stratification for two sensitive variables for simple random sampling, ratio and regression methods of estimation and PPS sampling.


  • Managing Editor: Communications in Biometry and Crop Science, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
  • Editorial Board Member: Model Assisted Statistics and Applications, IOS Press Netherlands
  • Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
  • Society of Statistics, computer and Application
  • Agricultural Economics Research Association (India)

Ongoing Projects

  • Radiographic and ultrasonographic imaging for diagnosis of cardio-renal syndrome in dogs
  • Assessment of certain factors for low success rate of artificial insemination in bovine under field condition
  • Economic losses due to classical swine fever (CSF) disease and influencing factors for its prevalence in India
  • A cross-sectional study on brucellosis in small ruminants of Uttar Pradesh
  • Estimation of autozygosity in cattle and buffaloes by conventional and modern methods and their comparison
  • Dissemination and impact of educational information for improvement of calf management at field level
  • Structure, conduct and performance of livestock and livestock marketing system in Uttar Pradesh
  • Estimation of parameters under unknown auxiliary information in livestock surveys
  • Economic effects of important livestock disease burden in Indiaq and cost benefit analysis of targeted interventions.
  • To provide methodology in livestock economics & biostatistics and livestock related statistics to post-graduate & divisional research projects of the Institute

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