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» Division of Livestock Products Technology

Research Projects

Institute Project


Tray with wrap films for packaging of fresh and processed meat products

Project Investigator:


Analysis of market driven processing of meat to popularize convenience meat products.

Project Investigator: Dr. SUMAN TALUKDER


Development of milk based products with enhanced functionality

Project Investigator: Dr.(Mrs.) GEETA CHAUHAN


Development of test for meat speciation: Based on carotenoid and DNA content

Project Investigator: Dr. RAJIV RANJAN KUMAR

Out Funded Project


Development of rapid laboratory and field based assays for microbiological quality assessment of pork

Project Investigator: Dr. RAVI KANT AGRAWAL
Funding Agency: DBT


Development of intelligent packaging sensors for monitoring quality and safety of meat and meat products in supply

Project Investigator: Dr. SANJOD KUMAR MENDIRATTA
Funding Agency: MFPI
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