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Proposed Sections

अर्थ शालिहोत्र

Annual Reports 1972

Veterinary importance insects
  1. Animal Keeping and Veterinary Medicine in Ancient India (Left Side Gallery)
  2. Animals and Veterinary Medicine in Medieval India (Some Back Side Small Rooms)
  3. Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry in Modern India (Some Back Side Small Rooms/ Right Side Gallery)
  4. NARS System (DAHDF, ICAR, Animal Science Institutes etc.) (Right side Gallery-Back Room)
  5. ICAR-IVRI Headquarter/ Campuses Regional Research Centers (Left Side Gallery-Back Room)
  6. Frontier Areas of Modern Animal and Veterinary Sciences (Left Side Gallery-Front Room)
  7. Global Issues and Future Road Map in Animal and Veterinary Sciences (Right Side Gallery-Front Room)
  8. Children’s Animal and Veterinary Corner (Verandah)
  9. Farmers Corner (Back Yard and Outside Lawn Displays)
  10. Transmission Electron Microscope in Biomedical Research (Annex Room)

Supporting Units

  1. In Charge Chamber
  2. Reception-cum-Office


Three Cows

Veterinary History Panels, Books, Literature, Posters and Paintings: Rare ancient literature on animal keeping (23), veterinary history literature of medieval and modern India (40), animal paintings by modern artists and wall displays including animal horn trophies (29) and veterinary history illustrated sun board panels (90)

Brass Sheep Head

Handicrafts and Mementoes: Bamboo handicrafts (13), brass / bronze / marble animal driven carts, toys, mementoes etc. (73), outdoor exhibits (iron rod animal sculptures, animal models, rahat, old bricks, iron made year plates (8), terracotta animal models (8) and Harrapan exhibits (16)


Coins and Postage Stamps: National and international coins, currency notes and cheque’s photo frames depicting animals and birds (17), postage stamps and special covers frames depicting animals and birds (16), variety of souvenirs, souvenir mugs etc. (26)

Animals and Their Harnesses/Accessories: Poultry, other farm and wild birds, eggs of different avian species etc. (20), horse models and harnesses (35), mithun and mithun related accessories (19), yak accessories (33), animal driven carts (12) and model bullock carts, cattle models and cattle / dairy accessories (18)

Biological Specimens: Preserved fishes, farm animals, wildlife fetuses / neonates, skeletons, calculi etc. (53) and veterinary importance insects, parasites and snails (36)

Equipments and Instruments: Agricultural equipments (36), animal reproduction and surgical instruments (56), medical instruments (10), microscopes (mono, binocular, stereoscopic, fluorescent, inverted and transmission electron) (22), electrical/engineering and photography tools / equipments (25), scientific and laboratory instruments (63), scientific laboratory / laboratory animal balances (16) and scientific projectors and slide viewers (6)

Laboratory Glass Ware: Tissue culture, analytical and rare and common laboratory glass ware, thermometers, syringes etc. (49)

Miscellaneous Exhibits: Domestic use items in animal keeping (71) and Office accessories (20)

Currency Notes depicting animals and birds

Special Covers Frame

Eggs of Diffrent avian species

Terracotta Fish

Jute Made Horse

Souvenir Mug

Mithun Head Trophy

Pashmina Handloom

Anaerobic gas Pack

Animal Driven Carts

Animal Driven Carts

Chimpanzee Cub and ZOPU

Microscope and Feed Block Machine

Egg weighing Balance and Tanga